2014 Annual Conference in Minnesota

FINAL VERT LOGO rev datesIn August 2013, the NCTA’s Board of Directors voted to suspend the Annual Conference for two years (2014-2015) so that it could evaluate the future of the Annual Conference.

The four Minnesota NCTA Chapters were planning to host the 2o14 Annual Conference in Duluth, MN.  Instead, the four chapters are now hosting a modified event – the Minnesota Hiking Celebration.  For more information on the Hiking Celebration, visit its website.

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Dwight Morrison, co-chair October 31, 2013 at 10:32 pm

We feel that there is a need to make the NCT members aware of the ‘Accessible trails’ and their
availability to use during the conference. We would like to be of some assistance. Let us know if we can provide ‘accessible Maps’ or other disability related materials, or possibly sessions in the areas of ‘P&T Events of disabilities’ and ‘Accessible Trail Evaluation’.
Dwight Morrison, co-chair
Wheels On Trails Organization (ARC)
424 West Superior Street, Suite 201
Duluth, Minnesota 55802