Western Trails


The 18.7 mile Western Section consists of a 2 mile road walk and 16.7 miles of trail.


The two mile road walk starts at the  Alpha Pass trailhead (N 40 57.612 W 080 10.133)  in McConells Mill State Park.  The trailhead is on McConnells Mill Rd. next to Alpha Falls.  The Point Parking Area is about 200 ft south of the trailhead at the junction of Johnson Rd.


The road walk goes along Johnson Rd about 1 mile to Rt 19 and then along Burnside Rd about 1 mile to West Park Rd ( N 40 57.433 W 080 07.918)  in Moraine State Park.

Cross West Park Rd and follow the blue blazes along a dirt road a hort distance until  the  trail  drops down through the forest about a mile  and crosses under the Rt 422 bridge, then goes about 1.7 miles along the shore of Lake Arthur past the dam and then over to McDanels Launch and trailhead .

From the McDanels Launch parking area, hike along the crushed limestone Butterfly Trail to the Bike Rental trailhead at N 40 58.451 W 080 07.668.  Bathrooms and a concession are available at the parking area. There is a kiosk with map/brochures and park information at the Glacier Ridge Trail (GRT) trailhead.  Follow the single track trail along the woods and drop down to the Hidden River Bridge which crosses an arm of Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park.  This bridge was built in 1998 by members of the Butler Outdoor Club, a NCT trail affiliate.

Hidden River Bridge

The trail climbs and crosses the paved North Shore Bicycle Trail and goes on to cross North Shore Drive where there is a small parking area at N 40 58.482 W 080 07.331.  The GRT then meanders through woodland about a mile to Camelot Rd which terminates just north of the trail at N 40 58.571 W 080 06.879.  The trail travels  along a ridge, drops down and crosses a bridge and meets a side trail to the Link Rd Shelters 1.4 miles away at N40 58.317 W 080 05.727.  There are three adirondack style shelters, each with a picnic table and fire ring and  a pit toilet a short distance away. 

The GRT climbs, travels along a ridge and drops down to Mt Union Rd trailhead about 1.5 miles away at N 40 58.025 W 080 04.806.  The trail circles below a pond and comes to an intersection with a white blazed northern loop trail.  Take the trail to the right to the most direct path to the Marina and Davis Hollow Cabin about .8 miles East.

From the cabin, the trail goes East crossing Alexander Ridge Rd and follows a ridge over and drops down to the Rt 528 trailhead at N 40 58.286 W 080 01.911 about 4.5 miles away.


Hiking GRT to Jennings


The trail continues through Jennings Environmental Learning Center, to the Old Stone House property.


Foltz School House Foltz School House


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