2015 Butler Chapter State of the Trail

In 2015 the Butler County Chapter built 2.7 miles of new NC Trail after getting permission from 2 new landowners (Wayne & Joanne Dallos and Charles Dallos).
We also received permission to relocate the NC Trail on the Waste Management property.

After flagging, building , blazing and measuring with a calibrated wheel; we found that we had 0.9 mile of new NC Trail on the Wayne & Joanne Dallos property and 0.9 mile of new NC Trail on the Charles Dallos property and 0.9 mile of relocated NC Trail on Waste Management property. This gives Waste Management a total of 1.7 miles of NC Trail on their property (0.9 mile of relocated NC Trail and 0.8 mile of old NC Trail from 2002).

We also built an 80 x 40 trail head parking lot on the Wayne & Joanne Dallos property after receiving permission to do so. We spread 32 tons of limestone on this parking lot. We built 3 new NC Trail Signposts and planted them on Hallston Road, Glen Way – W.Sunbury, and Rt308-Parking. We removed an old NC Trail Signpost from Route 308. After renovating and repainting it, we replanted it at the Rt308-Crossing. We built an 8 ft. bridge and an ATV Restrictor on the new NC Trail.

We hosted a Keystone Trail Association Trailcare work week from May 26 to May 31 2015. The KTA work crew stayed at the NCT Cabin in Moraine State Park and worked on the new 2.7 miles of NC Trail near West Sunbury.

The monthly Butler County Chapter hikes are in charge of John Stehle. We had a hike in every month of 2015. Our most famous hike is the Cherry Pie Hike which was on February 21 2015 this year. We have done this Cherry Pie Hike every year since 2000. We are the only chapter in the NCTA that has historical proof that George Washington with Christopher Gist passed near where we have our Cherry Pie Hike and was shot at as he crossed the Connoquenessing Creek in Butler County near Evans City.

Next year we are collaborating with Washington’s Trail 1753 for our Cherry Pie Hike on February 20, 2016 .They will provide speakers to talk about George Washington’s trip in this area, and provide re-enactors to show highlights of his trip. We hope that George Washington survives being shot at, as he did back in 1753.

We had a Trail Town Ceremony on September 26, 2015 for the City of Parker. 35 people attended and were led on hikes afterwards on the NC Trail. Dan Mourer did the hard work to get this done. Dave Adams continues to do an excellent job on our Butler County Chapter website and communicator as well as working on the NC Trail. Joyce Appel handles our social events. The Butler County Chapter NCT “Honor Awards” were presented to Dick and Sue Boettner, Mark Smith, and Dan Mourer.
Happy new trails,
Butler Chapter President
Ron Rice

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