Map and WIKI Downloads

NCT Cheq. Pocket Sized Map


Chequamegon Chapter Trail WIKI

Mileage Between Sections

Parking Area GPS Coordinates


2 Responses to Map and WIKI Downloads

  1. Alfred Carlson says:

    Nice website – thanks.

    Q: I am interested in doing a solo 70 miler from Route A to Copper Falls SP or vice-versa. Is there a transportation service that I can hire to take me from the end back to my car?


    Al C

    • che_chapter says:


      The Chapter tries to provide shuttle service for hikers. Shuttle service is usually from the destination (where you have your car parked) to your starting point. This way you can take your time and don’t have to be at your car (destination) by a certain time. Cellphone usage is spotty and nonexistent in some locations.

      If you can come up with a date/time/location I can send out the information to our Chapter Members/Volunteers to see if someone is available. To keep this more private, you can email me at

      Marty Swank,
      President/Communications Liaison

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