Current Trail Conditions

2016 July Flash Flood NCT/Road/Campground closings - Some Forest Roads and other features remain CLOSED and are shown on a map (last page of the PDF file fseprd509910 (1) below).

fseprd509910 (1)

Flash Flood Damage Update: The Eastern Sections of NCT (County D east to Kornstead Road) in the Chequamegon National Forest were opened by the USFS last November (2016) after the July flash flooding but with this major caveat: There are still issues with moved/washed out bridges with some of the larger bridges having some erosion issues on the approaches and there are some washed out culverts on the NCT. The trail is open but you will need to use CAUTION in hiking these sections of NCT. Repairs to the damaged NCT will not start until 2018 by contractors provided by the USFS. The Forest Roads and some other listed features listed above in the fsprd509910 (1) REMAIN CLOSED.

New to Current Trail Conditions! The Mosquito Meter. While poking fun at the mosquito situation on our sections of NCT this new feature also lets would be hikers know the current status on sections of NCT in the Chequamegon National Forest. Open PDF file below to see current conditions.

Cheq. Chapter Mosquito Meter

NOTE (5/26/17): The BLACK FLIES are here!!! You will want to prepare for black flies before you hike.

Updated 7/04/2017 – Pomerleau’s Crossing (18 Mile Creek) in the Porcupine Lake Wilderness

Still more Beaver problems! The beaver managed to bring down a hardwood tree on the middle of the bridge and broke in half. The re-bar kept the single log bridge in place and I have supported the broken area as best as I can from underneath. I removed the beaver dam directly near the one log bridge crossing (again) to allow water to flow back to it’s natural course. For now, you can cross but you will need to be very careful because you will be walking uphill and then downhill on the log bridge and this might be slippery if wet. We will need to replace the one log bridge as soon as time permits.

Marty Swank –

If you find other problems, please let the Chapter know with a email to

Lake Three Campground Closed
Due to a lack of funding the USFS has closed Lake Three Campground to camping. There are other campgrounds closed but this is the only one directly effecting our sections of NCT and is located on Mineral Lake Road (FR 187). There is a small parking area on Mineral Lake Road on the opposite side of the campground.

Don’t forget your cameras – you can post your pictures to the North Country Trail Wisconsin Facebook page ( or send them to or (Chequamegon Chapter sections of NCT only please, sent Email).




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