Take action on the Arrowhead Re-route

Image of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC

Route Adjustment legislation update:

The Route Adjustment legislation was re-introduced in the 114th Congress on February 5th by Rep. Rick Nolan and Sen. Amy Klobuchar.  The bill numbers are S. 403 and H.R. 799.  Track the bills progress online via the Congress.gov website legislation tracker:

The legislation already has co-sponsors and the NCTA is currently trying to recruit additional co-sponsors.

How can you help?

1. If your Representative or Senators are already co-sponsors, please thank them for their support.  You can find the current list of co-sponsors by clicking on the respective bills’ links above.

2. If your Representative or Senators are not co-sponsors, please contact them and ask that they support the legislation by co-sponsoring it.  Here are some talking points.

3. Check this site often and/or visit and “Like” our Arrowhead Re-route Facebook page for the latest updates.

4. Help us spread the word by sharing this issue with your friends and family!

I support the Arrowhead Re-routegraphic by Todd McMahon

Tell your friends and family about this issue and encourage them to make contacts to help out the North Country Trail Association!

Please share this page with your friends via Facebook using the image above.  Here’s how…

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4) Upload the photo onto your Facebook page with this message “I support the North Country Trail’s Arrowhead Re-route!  Please visit https://northcountrytrail.org/get-involved/advocacy/arrowhead-re-route/and help out the nation’s longest hiking trail!”


To obtain more information or answers to any specific questions you may have about this issue, contact Matthew Davis at (701) 388-1883 /davis “at” northcountrytrail.org.