How to Give

The NCTA and North Country National Scenic Trail are thriving because of the generosity of their many dedicated supporters. While hours of volunteer support are poured annually into trail building and maintenance, financial support makes all of those physical improvements and the promotion of the trail possible. Please look through the opportunities below and click on the method of giving that meets your needs in supporting the trail.

This arena of giving – outright gifts of cash benefit the trail immediately and help us leverage other grants and funds for the work we need to do each year.

A gift of land or stock is often a very tax-wise way to make a generous gift to the trail and receive a significant tax benefit.

Deferred or planned gifts such as bequests, charitable remainder trusts or retained life estates can make great tax sense for you and your heirs and benefit the mission of the NCTA well into the future.

    • Company Matching Gift Programs

One great way to double or even triple your giving power is with matching gifts from the company you work for.  It’s easy to do. Check with your human resources department before you give your next gift.

If you represent a corporation or work for a corporation that is interested in the mission of the NCTA and would like to support that mission there are a number of marketing and philanthropic opportunities that will give maximum exposure to your corporation.

“If you have a special donation you would like to make to the NCTA but want to talk about the best way to go about making the gift, contact me.”

(616) 897-5987 ext. 5

David C. Cowles, Director of Development

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