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Oct 14, 2017 Hike - Tahquamenon Wilderness North
Nov 04, 2017 Hike - Haywood School Meandering
Dec 09, 2017 Hike - Betchler Ponds

Volunteering for the North Country National Scenic Trail

10 Reasons I Became a NCT Volunteer:

  • Checking out scat while having a great chat!
  • Getting my kicks in picking up sticks!
  • Capturing rays in helpful ways!
  • Feeding my spirit in just doing it!
  • Burning fat, just like that!
  • My heart sets sail when I'm on the trail!
  • Enjoying fresh air while I'm out there!
  • Fills my senses mending fences!
  • Doing good deeds pulling some weeds!
  • Great family fun with everyone!

By Kim Alford

AND Your REPORTED hours count for National Park funds dispersal calculations and you earn NPS awards—shirt, vest, and jacket with NPS logo!

HSS if often asked, “What can I do to help?  Opportunities abound.  See our list below!
Another question often put to us is, “How much time and how often do I have to volunteer?”  The answer is as often as you like and from one hour to endless hours!  Your choice!

Make A Difference!!

Opportunities Abound!!

Share your talents, skills, and energy from a few hours to several days knowing that every thing you do large or small is worthwhile, needed and appreciated.
HSS volunteers strive to enjoy their work and have fun.  There jobs for individuals, pairs, and teams!  Jobs out on the trail and others right in your home.

Choose something that is fulfilling for you and contact HSS!

Regular Maintenance of a section and report—hike your section two or more times a year and report your effort to the Adopt A Section Coordinator
Computer --Compose press releases, and/or design flyers, posters, media ads, or
edit and produce the HSS newsletter three or four times a year
Facebook--Assist Greg Smith
Photography for Facebook, press releases, flyers, posters, and media
Lead a Project—large or small--(Large Project—Tahqua Trail--scope and layout a new section of trail at Tahquamenon Falls State Park or Small Project—Complete 30 feet of boardwalk at Haywood School Road or Relocate 200 feet trail at Brevort Lake Road) 
GPS—Map, scope reroutes, and much more
We are betting you are getting the idea—but do keep reading!
HSS Displays—design and construct for events
Man HSS Displays at Events—National Trails Day, Fab Fridays, Great Waters
Hike Leader—volunteer to lead a hike on your favorite section either as one of our Monthly Hikes or as your favorite hike on a date convenient for you.
Represent NCT/HSS--Serve as a HSS liaison to Pure Michigan, Great Waters, Tahquamenon Scenic Heritage Route, Tri Country Wellness Coalition, or Saint Ignace Events Committee
Hike a Section and Report--provide important information to regular maintenance crews
Join a Construction Project
Food Preparation--Bake Cookies for a work crew, a dish to pass, or cook for a crew!
Yes, there are still more opportunities!!  So do keep reading!

Serve as an officer, leader, or coordinator:

  • President—Preside at meetings—coordinate the HSS team—chapter contact—liaison to NCTA, USFS and MDNR
  • Vice President—Preside at meetings when president is unavailable and assist president
  • Treasurer—Manage chapter funds,  share the monthly chapter report from NCTA office at HSS Meetings—manage $100 petty cash fund
  • Secretary—Take notes, edit, and write for next meeting and file
  • Membership chair—VIP person—good people and sales skills
  • Webmaster--keeps website up to date
  • Tool Quartermaster--manages the tool trailer and tools
  • Adopt-A-Section Coordinator—Keep records, periodic emails, quarterly reports to USFS and DNR—coordinates regular maintenance efforts—work with USFS and MDNR
  • Roving Crew Leader—Leads a roving chain saw trained crew for special maintenance efforts
  • St. Ignace Trail Town Coordinator(s)—attends St. Ignace Events Committee meetings and occasional village meetings—keeps village to date on HSS events and volunteer efforts—business, agency, and personal memberships
  • Trout Lake, Rudyard, Paradise, or Newberry--Gateway Community Coordinator—similar to Trail Town Coordinator

North Country National Scenic Trail/HSS Contact Information:

Adopt A Section Coordinator Bob McNamara at rjmcnamara@hughes.net
Other Maintenance and Work Session Volunteer Opportunities call Roving Clear Leader Stan Kujawa 989-350-2826 or kay1040@lighthouse.net
Promotional Volunteer Opportunities contact Kay Kujawa at kay1940@lighthouse.net or 989-350-2826

Questions or Unsure whom to contact?  Try anyone of us.  We will find an answer to your question.

The North Country Trail Association develops, maintains, preserves and promotes the North Country National Scenic Trail through a trail-wide coalition of volunteers and partners.