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Why I Volunteer: Jerry’s Waterfall Adventure

December 5, 2016
north dakota waterfall hike

The North Country Trail Association has an incredible roster of volunteers who build and maintain the North Country National Scenic Trail. Each volunteer has a story of “why” they got involved. Here’s Jerry’s story about a unique location in North Dakota that he wanted to share with the world. That’s how he first got involved. What’s […]

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Skishoeing on the NCT

November 30, 2016

Skishoeing? Oh yes, it’s a thing.  One of the advantages of the North Country Trail is that we’re a four season trail. There’s something new to experience in each season. And since we’re hardy northerners, snow doesn’t keep us from enjoying the Trail. Snowshoeing is a popular activity on the Trail through the winter. But […]


Nicole Vik’s North Country Trail story

November 29, 2016

story and photos by Nicole Vik My story along the North Country Trail began last winter when my editor asked me if I was outdoorsy and suggested I cover outdoor events and news. My first thought was, of course I’m outdoorsy, I grew up in Northern Minnesota. The question I should have asked myself was, […]

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Hike 100 Story: Greg & Cathy

November 10, 2016
Greg and Cathy

by Greg Brock, NCTA Member-at-large We decided that hiking would be one of the methods for my wife and I to get healthier. Luckily there is a state park near us with some great trails. After working up to a five mile route we met a hiker who told us about the trails off the […]

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How to Get the Best Feeling in the World

November 8, 2016

Why do you volunteer on the North Country Trail or one of our Affiliate Partners (Buckeye Trail, Superior Hiking Trail, Finger Lakes Trail)? We want to hear your story; please share it here. Help us inspire others to join this amazing community of volunteers. Your story might be the one that inspires someone else to […]


Be Bear Aware on the North Country Trail

October 4, 2016
photo by Phil Horton via Creative Commons

By Alison Myers Have you ever encountered a bear, or evidence of a bear while out on the North Country Trail? Did you know that black bears reside in every state the NCT traverses? As humans it is our responsibility to respect wildlife and the places they roam and live. Because they are able to […]

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Fall Hiking Guide

September 29, 2016
fall on the Border Route Trail

Cooler temps, low humidity, brightly colored hillsides, migrating birds, no more bugs….ahhhh, we’re in the glorious Fall hiking season again! by Matt Davis, Regional Trail Coordinator for Minnesota and North Dakota Mid to late September is the start of the most glorious time of the year in the North Country. No, it’s not because it’s […]


An Unexpected Adventure: Couple hikes entire North Country Trail

August 17, 2016
The Dorroughs at the Trail's Western Terminus

In one month, Dan and Ruth Dorrough will complete their end-to-end section hike of the North Country Trail. It’s an incredible journey that spans 17 years, 7 states, and over 4,600 miles. The Dorroughs will complete their hike while at the NCTA’s Celebration in Fargo on Saturday, September 17. The Dorroughs will make a special presentation Saturday evening, […]

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Fire and Flood Safety

August 10, 2016
Bridge wash out in Wisconsin

by Kenny Wawsczyk, Michigan Regional Trail Coordinator As I write this article today’s high is 65 o but for the past couple weeks it has been hot and humid. And the extended forecast looks to be the same. There’s a lot of clichés about Michigan’s weather and what happened to areas of the Trail during the week […]


7 States, 100 Miles: A Hike 100 Challenge Story

July 28, 2016

7 states, 25 hikes, 100 unique miles, a 2,300 mile road trip, and plenty of iconic places. Enjoy this story from a recent Hike 100 Challenge finisher! Guest post by Ken, a Hike 100 Finisher In the last year I have been trying to improve my life physically after a pair of back surgeries. Honestly, […]