Our Members & Chapter Officers

Chapter members live throughout Minnesota. Chapter meetings are held in Akeley, Bemidji, Hackensack, Laporte, Park Rapids, Walker and other towns in northern Minnesota.

Chapter Officers, other Board Members & Historian

Title Name


E-mail Term Expires
President Eric Haugland (218) 732-3910 erichaugland@icloud.com 1st April 2019
Vice-President Bruce Johnson (218) 732-5448 brucej@arvig.net 1st April 2019
Secretary Florence Hedeen (218) 732-9226 hedeencf@arvig.net 1st April 2019
Treasurer Jerry Trout (218) 675-5448 jbtrout@tds.net 2nd April 2018
Board Member Jerry McCarty (218) 547-4678 jmltml@arvig.net 2nd April 2018
Board Member Carter Hedeen (218) 732-9226 cbhedeen@gmail.com 2nd April 2019
Historian Flo Hedeen (218) 732-9226 hedeencf@arvig.net Not applicable

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