The Laurentian Lakes Chapter’s Mission:

To build, maintain, and promote the North Country National Scenic Trail in Clearwater and Becker Counties.

Trail Range & Work Projects:

We are responsible for developing and maintaining the NCNST from the intersection of the Nicollet and Eagle Scout Trails in Itasca State Park through Clearwater County to the Becker – Ottertail County border near the City of Frazee. Currently, we maintain over 33 miles of trail from the middle of Itasca State Park west to Clearwater Co. Hwy 39 trailhead and south through Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge.  The stretch from Itasca to the Co. 39 trailhead is referred to as the Bad Medicine section.  See the map below for more info.
2013 Laurentian Lakes Chapter trail map

2013 Laurentian Lakes Chapter trail map

Below are the chapter’s recent accomplishments and future plans:
  • In 2008, we constructed another 6.5 miles of trail between Co. Hwy 39 and SE Juggler Lake Rd, which was finished and certified in 2010.
  • In 2009, the chapter cleared 9 miles of the trail’s route further south to Greenwater Lake SNA’s northern boundary.
  • In 2010, Some of the trail cleared in 2009 was built by an Americorps-NCCC crew that worked for 4 weeks.  This section should be finished and certified in 2011.
  • In 2011, we developed a new segment of trail south to Greenwater Lake SNA and CR-35 with another Americorps-NCCC crew
  • In 2012, we built 21 miles of new trail south from Greenwater Lake Scientific and Natural Area to and through Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge.  The Chapter worked with Becker County to obtain two Trail Legacy Grants from the Minnesota DNR that helped construct this significant new segment of the NCT in Becker County with the Minnesota Conservation Corps.
  • In 2013, we finished the 1880′ Tamarac Lake causeway within Tamarac and build an additional bridge / puncheon northwest of Island Lake.  The causeway was also funded via the Legacy Grant.

Chapter Membership

Chartered in 2007, the Laurentian Lakes Chapter has about 80  members from Fargo-Moorhead, Detroit Lakes, Ponsford, Osage, Bemidji and the surrounding area. The membership includes retired folks, working folks, local lake associations, conservation groups, and young families.  We were the fastest growing NCTA chapter in 2008-10 and you are invited to join us!

Join us!

The chapter holds Wednesday workdays each week and one Saturday event a month during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.  We also hold special events throughout the year.


To get involved contact chapter president Ray Vlasak or join our Meetup group. You don’t need to be an NCTA member to volunteer on the trail but your membership would be welcomed!

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