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Trail Segments

Trail Adopters: Members of The North Country Trail Hikers are encouraged to adopt segments of the trail to maintain. Each adopter regularly visits their segment to perform trail maintenance including debris removal, cutting and removing blow-downs, lopping infringing growth, renewing painted blazes and installing signs.

Trail Segments: Use the following links to access details of each segment including Trail Adopter's Reports, directions and maps, interesting features, landmarks, or points of interest as well as photographs of the segment.

Some segments have "other trails" indented under the segment. These "other trails" connect to or come near the NCTA with some shown on the official NCTA maps while others aren't. When blazed, "other" trails are blazed with white blazes, since all official NCT is blazed with blue blazes.

Detailed maps with access roads and parking areas are posted on the relevant segment or other trails page. Note that in Marquette County many dirt roads are not signed and logging and camp roads may confuse the novice back woods driver. You can select to download each map in 8.5 x 11 format as desired.

All maps are NOT in the same scale so refer to each Segment's description to identify how long the segment is and judge the map accordingly. The blue line is the NCT, green lines are spur trails, and red lines are driveable roads to access the Trail. Green background identifies State of Michigan property. If the background of a map is not green, then it is most likely private property. Respect it as such. Be aware that all roads are not winter accessible, in fact very few other than close to Marquette are. Plan winter excursions accordingly.

As you hike many segments of our trail, be aware that cell phone coverage will be little to non-existent so plan accordingly. Make sure you hike in groups and that someone not hiking knows where you plan to be.

From East to West:
1. Rock River Road to parking before Beaver Pond (4.6 miles gravel road) OPEN
  Other Trail - Rock River Falls Spur (1.2 miles) OPEN
2. Beaver Pond to Silver Creek Bridge (2.9 miles) OPEN
3. Silver Creek Bridge to Rumely Road (2.4 miles) LuAnne & Kevin Crupi
4. Rumely Road to Peter White Road (3.8 miles) Brad Slagle
  Other Trail - Laughing Whitefish Falls Spur (2.3 miles) Jerry/Suzi Maynard
5. Peter White Road to Mangum Road (6.8 miles) Tom/Liz Solka & Brad Slagle

Mangum Road to Railroad Rd to RR grade 3 miles west of Sand River Road(4.7 miles) Eric Rehorst

7. RR Grade to Kawbawgam Road (4 miles) Ayleen VanBeynen & Jane Ryan
8. Kawbawgam Road to Welcome Center (6.1 miles) no adopter
9. Welcome Center (Marquette Bike Path) to Hawley Street (6.0 miles) no adopter
  Other Trail - South Marquette Trails
  Other Trail - City of Marquette Bike Trails system
  Other Trail - Presque Isle Trails
10. Hawley Street to Tourist Park Trail Head (1.0 mile) Shirley LaBonte
11. Tourist Park Trail Head to Forestville Trail Head (4.3 miles) Jeff and Sarah Fisher
12. Forestville Trail Head to N of Compeau Creek (1.3 miles) Shirley LaBonte
13. N of Compeau Creek to County Road 550 (1.8 miles) Nancy Bradbury
    Other Trail - Hogback Mountain Spur Bob Kahl
    Other Trail - Wetmore Pond Trails Bob Kahl
14. County Road 550 to Wetmore (1.1 miles) Rebecca Marjonen
    Other Trail - Sugar Loaf Mountain Spur (1.2 miles) Rebecca Marjonen
15. Wetmore to Little Presque Isle Point (1.6 miles) Rebecca Marjonen
    Other Trail - Harlow Lake Trails
16. Little Presque Isle Point to Echo Lake Road (3.0 miles) Marge Forslin
    Other Trail - Little Songbird Trail
    Other Trail - Harlow Lake Trails
17. Echo Lake Road to Elliott Donnelley Wilderness (4.2 miles) Mike Springer
18. Elliott Donnelley Wilderness to Little Garlic (Harrison) Road (2.7 miles) Jim/Norma Matteson
    Other Trail - Little Garlic Falls Spur (1 mile) Jeanne Sekely


VA Trail (510 Rock Sign) to County Rd 510 (3.1 miles plus 3.1 miles of private road walk) Steve Nason

20. County Road 510 to Red Road to Mulligan West (12.5 miles)
21. Mulligan West to Cole's Creek (3 miles) Dick Bohjanen
22. Cole's Creek to Unnamed Road (3.5 miles) Dan Raish
23. Unnamed Road to East of McCormick (4.6 miles) Donald (Buck) Innerebnen
24. McCormick East to Peshekee River (6.8 miles) Mike Mattson
    Other Trail - White Deer Lake Spur
25. Peshekee River to Road Between Lakes Arfelin & Big Bear (2.3 miles) Cliff Stammer
26. Road Between Lakes Arfelin & Big Bear to Lake Elinor Outlet (2.1 miles) Ray Jarvis
27. Lake Elinor Outlet to Crooked Lake Outlet (3.5 miles) Charlie West
28. Crooked Lake Outlet to Craig Lake (3.5 miles) Reggie/LuAnn Krueger
    Other Trail - Crooked Lake Spur
    Other Trail - Craig Lake East Spur
29. Craig Lake to Long Lake Outlet (2.7 miles) Rick Duemling
  Other Trail - Craig Lake West Spur
  Other Trail - Teddy Lake Spur (0.1 mile) Rick Duemling
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