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December 2015

and the 

The Superior Shoreline Chapter of the NCTA and the Munising Bay Trail Network are joining forces to
build a combined use trail from Munising to the Valley Spur Ski Area on M94 West of Munising.

This will be a combined use trail (Hike and Bike).

Below is a letter sent to NCTA National regarding this project as well as a couple of pictures for proposed signage.

December 29, 2015

Our names are Barb Isom and Charlie Todd. We are members of the Superior Shoreline Chapter of the North Country Trail Association (NCTA), adopters and have agreed to review the following proposal and give our recommendation for the chapter. Along with Tim and Ellen Hass, we recently met with members of the Munising Bay Trail Network (MBTN). They presented us with a proposal for a multi-use trail beginning on the west side of Route M94 at Valley Spur Ski area and ending in Munising. We believe this would be advantageous for our chapter as well as the NCTA in general.

Currently the North Country Trail exits the forest and travels approximately four miles on Route M94 into Munising. Route M94 is a busy, two lane highway and is not only, primarily, a safety hazard for hikers and drivers but also significantly impacts a hiker’s enjoyment of the trail free from the noise and hazards of traffic. Exiting from the forest on the west side of Munising, the trail would travel east through Munising with a full line of resupply opportunities within a block. Attached is a map showing the existing and the proposed route.

During our discussion, our main concern was the idea of a multi-use trail. We spoke to two runners who use trails that are also biked. They reported that MBTN-maintained trails had not been adversely impacted and have remained in good shape. MBTN would supply signs stating multi-use and that bikers be vigilant. (see attachment)

MBTN is now in the process of obtaining written easements and for that reason the precise course of the trail is not known. Any agreement between NPS and NCTA will be provisional until settlement of the precise course.

MBTN is submitting an Iron Belle Trail grant to fund this project. Construction would be shared with MBTN and NCTA volunteers and MPTA agreed to full maintenance of the trail. The Superior Shoreline Chapter believes this proposal is worthy of consideration. Thank you for your time.

Barb Isom & Charlie Todd



Over the past three (3) years Superior Shoreline Chapter through its members and friends has received multiple awards.
In recognition of these achievements we present them here:

Trail Maintainer: A volunteer, who has demonstrated exceptional dedication or achievements over a three (3) or more year period in maintaining or restoring pre-existing Trail segment(s).


Leadership:  A volunteer, who has demonstrated exceptional leadership
over a three (3) or more year period leading to significant local achievements

or highly successful events.


Sweep: A volunteer, for tireless work and achievements behind the scenes

on behalf of the Trail or the NCTA over a three (3) or more year period.

2014 – SWEEP – Ken Rugaber

Friend of the Trail: An employee of a unit of governance or an organization whose leadership, accommodations and active collaboration have substantially benefited the North Country Trail or the NCTA,

not working solely in the capacity of an NCTA member.

2014 – FRIEND OF THE TRAIL – Grand Marais Chamber of Commerce

These awards highlight efforts performed on the Chapter level but are recognized on the national level among the seven (7) states and dozens of
The 2014 awards were presented at the hiking conference in Duluth in August 2014.  Congratulations to all of our award recipients.


Officially established: July 31, 2003

The Superior Shoreline Chapter of the North Country Trail Association has responsibility for one of the most beautiful sections of trail in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have approximately 150 miles of trail which runs from the mouth of the Two-Hearted River, west to Grand Marais and then to Munising and ending at the Rock River Road. This section includes one of our Nation’s greatest treasures: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Most of our trail follows the Lake Superior Shoreline along what is known as the “Shipwreck Coast.” Remnants of the past such as shipwrecks, lighthouses, lifesaving stations, homesteads, logging camps, and historic communities are in evidence all along the way. Grand Marais is known as the area of nature in abundance, eagles, bear, moose, deer, coyote, wolf and plover are among some of the earth’s creatures you may encounter on your journey. Several glistening waterfalls can also be seen along the trail.

Inside these pages we will not only present Superior Shoreline Chapter business, but we will be presenting explicit details for hiking our area. Highlights of trail sections will be illustrated as well as necessary hiker information (camping spots, water sources, stream crossings, etc.). We intend for this to develop as a practical guide for this section.  West of Munising the trail departs from the Lake Superior shoreline and moves inland through hardwood forests with hills and ravines and evidence of old railroads and even a World War II German prisoner of war camp.

Not only can you get in touch with chapter members regarding business, but contact us with any of your questions regarding our area. We want you to have the best up to date information about hiking along our beautiful section of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

So, dig in, check out our area and let us know what you think. Your comments help us.

If you’ve hiked our section of trail, send us your stories and pictures, we’ll put them here on our site.

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