Davis Hollow Cabin

Maintaining & Stewarding the Davis Hollow Cabin on the North Country Trail.

The Davis Hollow Cabin is one of two historic facilities along the North Country Trail. Volunteers manage and maintain the cabin, devoting their time and energy in order to preserve the cabin’s history for future generations to enjoy.  For information on renting the Davis Hollow Cabin for an event or overnight stay, please call 724-575-0471.

Construction began on the cabin before the start of the American Revolution. The hand-hewn logs and hand-carved stone are superb examples of pioneer construction. Located behind the Davis Hollow Marina at present-day Moraine State Park, the cabin served as a summer home for Mrs. Katherine Davis and her sister, Miss Eleanor Holt, before the park’s development. Today, the North Country Trail Association (NCTA) leases the cabin from the park.

To learn more or to reserve the cabin:

email: dhcabin@northcountrytrail.org

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