Clarion Chapter

Building, maintaining, & promoting the North Country Trail in Clarion County, Pennsylvania.

Trail Range

Clarion Chapter’s section of the NCT features majestic old growth forests, the Wild & Scenic Clarion River, multiple opportunities for wildlife viewing and a taste of rural Pennsylvania.  Our portion of the trail begins at the Southern boundary of the Allegheny National Forest.  The trail shares a pathway with the Baker Trail as it passes through Clear Creek State Forest’s Maple Creek Tract and Cook Forest State Park.  At Henry Run Waterfall along the Clarion River, the NCT leaves Baker Trail and continues through Clear Creek State Forest through the Gravel Lick area and along a remote section of the National Wild & Scenic Clarion River.  Leaving the Clear Creek State Forest area, the trail heads Southwest through State Game Lands and private property in the scenic Toby Creek watershed.  After Crossing State Route 322 and a few miles later, State Route 66, there is a very nice section of trail entering PA Game Land 63 after a short walk on East End Road. Passing through State Game Lands 63 and private property the NCNST joins with the Allegheny Valley Trails Associations’ Clarion Highlands, Sandy Creek and Allegheny River Trails.  On this gentle gradient Rails-to-Trails hike, one can soak in the serenity of the countryside and get a taste of the local culture and history.  This blue blazed route contains several pedestrian safe bridges and three tunnels, two of which require flashlights.


There are many ways to get involved with the North Country Trail in Clarion County, including: Building and maintaining the trail, blazing the route, fundraising, recruitment, marketing and communications, chapter leadership, and event planning just to name a few!  Whatever you want to do to promote the trail, you can do.

Chapter Activities

Clarion Chapter’s activities include: Monthly hikes along sections of the North Country Trail in Clarion County, trail work sessions, displays and fundraising at regional fairs and events and a few organizational meetings a year.

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