Wampum Chapter

Building, maintaining, & promoting the North Country Trail in Beaver & Lawrence Counties, Pennsylvania.

Trail Range

This section is rich with industrial history, featuring a reclaimed strip mine, ruins of a historic gristmill, abandoned coal mines, and an old stone lime kiln last used in the 1930s. Amazing opportunities for hiking and photography in the glacial-carved Slippery Rock Gorge at McConnells Mill State Park.


Builds and maintains the westernmost section of the North Country Trail in PA, which passes through Beaver & Lawrence counties to the Ohio border.

Chapter Activities

Take a Hike- Get out, enjoy the trail, and help your friends, families, neighbors, clubs, and organizations learn to enjoy it, too!
Volunteer- Many ways to get involved, including: Building and maintaining the trail, blazing the route, fundraising, recruitment, marketing and communications, chapter leadership, and event planning just to name a few!

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Get Connected:
chapter email: wam@northcountrytrail.org
chapter website: northcountrytrail.org/wam
trail town info: Trail Town – Wampum, PA

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