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The Heritage (HTG) Chapter is responsible for developing, maintaining, protecting and promoting the North Country National Scenic Trail (NCNST) across Iron County and eastern Ashland County. Our chapter’s responsibility begins at the Michigan-Wisconsin state line and continues west to the eastern boundary of Copper Falls State Park.

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The Heritage Chapter has historically had the bulk of our members live in the Milwaukee area and areas between Milwaukee and Iron County.  However, we also have a number of more local members and are always looking for more. You can be our newest member by joining NCTA / HTG.

View of Wren Falls

View of Wren Falls

Chapter Activities

Since our chapter began, we have focused on maintaining our existing miles of trail within the Iron County Forest.  However, in recent years we have embarked upon completing several miles of new trail lying east of Wren Falls.  The HTG chapter organizes a variety of activities, including a General Membership Meetings, an early spring hike to explore new locations for the trail, a National Trails Day program, and several group trail maintenance work days.

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Janel Scharhag August 1, 2012 at 10:22 pm

My friend is hiking the MI,WI, and MN part of the NCT. He just got to Wren Falls and contacted me telling me what a gorgeous trail it is but that it ended at Wren Falls and he did not know where to go. All the maps and books he has says the trail continues to County Line Rd. When I looked at this website I saw that it said that from Wren Falls hikers will have to road walk to Copper Falls but it did not say how. Then I looked at this chapter site and the map makes it seem like you have to turn around and go back to Casey Snag Rd to get to 169. But my Atlas says there is a snowmobile trail that will take you there from Wren Falls. He is going to try and take that out tomorrow, but I thought I might be able to get some more information from this chapter about the best road walk from Wren Falls to 169. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe a direction sign at Wren Falls might be helpful to hikers in the future, but I do trail maintenance myself and I know how hard it can be to keep things like that up and current.
Thank you for your time,
Janel Scharhag

Mike Duchek August 9, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Janel I tried to reply but it bounced. Can you email htg@northcountrytrail.org?