March 2017 Trail Work Report

by wam_chapter on March 26, 2017

A couple of strong wind events in western Pennsylvania, and our desire to complete the new hiking shelter at Wampum Underground set most of our trail work agenda for the last half of February and the first half of March.  Several of our trips out have been to clear trees that have fallen across our sections of the North Country Trail, and in the process, we were able to test out the chapter’s new Stihl hedge trimmer, which worked “as advertised”, doing a nice job of quickly clearing multi floral rose and other weedy growth from along the sides of the trail.  Along the way we’ve also been able to clear some of those pesky stumps and ‘trippers’ that mysteriously appear in the middle of our pathway from time to time.

Our individual maintainers were out on their sections, checking trail conditions, clearing branch litter, and scouting for fallen trees.  Their efforts in working to spot and resolve problem areas along our route are truly appreciated!

Two separate trips were made to the hiker shelter we are building just west of Wampum resulting in the siding all being attached, with only some trim work left to be done.  When we finish off the construction of the shelter itself we’ll be able to work on adding a table, fireplace ring, and water storage to the site.


As the weather warms up and the new trail work season goes into full swing, the North Country Trail Association is offering a reminder that volunteer maintainer resources, from videos to blazing guides, to trail maintainer handbooks are available on the North Country National Scenic Trail ( website for our use.  The National Park Service has also made available to us a safety training course – Trailsafe! –a series of videos that covers the many aspects of working safely on the North Country Trail.  We ask that anyone who wants to get out and work on the trail, whether in a group setting or by maintaining a section of trail individually, work their way through this safety training and receive the certificate and pin.  The Wampum Chapter has a patch available for our adopters who complete this course.

Sections of trail, particularly in Lawrence county, are still available for adoption by maintainers and the chapter has tools available to use, from Pulaskis and McClouds, to loppers and weed whackers that can be checked out to help in keeping the trail in good hiking shape.  Sister Lyn coordinates the efforts of our individual maintainers and is the contact person in regards to reporting visits to the trail and issues that the volunteer may need help with.  We are also in need of assistance from those handy with a paint brush, with the blue blazing needing to be refreshed along several miles of our trail and road walk, and some of our trailhead signs needing a refresher of brown and yellow paint.  I can provide volunteers with paint and supplies and point them in the right direction.

My thanks to all who’ve been out working over the past month, keeping our section of NCT in good hiking condition.  Looking forward to being out on the trail working during the upcoming spring and summer months!

Dave Brewer

Trail Work Coordinator

March 20th, 2017

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Promoting the NCT in Beaver and Lawrence Counties

by wam_chapter on March 7, 2017

The Wampum Chapter had the opportunity on Saturday evening, March 5th to be present at the First Church of God in Ellwood City for their annual Men’s Venison Dinner. The dinner was held in the Church Hall with vension steaks and meatballs. About 75 men were in attendance. After the dinner we met in the beautiful Church Sanctuary for a talk on the North Country Trail and the activities of the Wampum Chapter, presented by Dennis Garrett. We would like to thank Jeff for the invitation and Pastor Phil for the hospitality and the most generous donation made to the Wampum Chapter.

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Wampum Chapter February 2017 Trail Work Report

by wam_chapter on February 20, 2017

The weather has been terrific this winter and has permitted us to get outside and knock out projects left and right, from our basic maintenance and clearing walks, to treadway improvement, installing new signing, and working on the hiker shelter at Wampum Underground.    The routine tasks of walking trail and cutting out fallen trees and clipping multi floral rose have taken place at Cemex and along the Darlington River Walk, up to the Seceder Cemetery.  High water that overflowed the banks of the Little Beaver Creek caused some concern about the viability of our pathway along there, but the walk-through showed no serious damage to the trail.

We’ve encountered an issue on the 4 Bee’s property between Cuddy’s and Dismukes, where dirt bikes are using the trail as their track.  We made a trip out there one afternoon last week and put in five or six informal, log-type barriers at various choke points to try to discourage that type of usage, but a followup visit showed that those barriers weren’t discouraging enough and the bike riding continues.  We’ll move on to adding more permanent barriers and some additional signing as the next step. 



The trail crew spent one afternoon at Cemex, just below Tony Dytko Rd. working with the grade to try to dry out several sections of seasonally wet trail.  It’s VERY wet this particular season.

Wooden North Country Trail signs were installed over the past month at the Darlington River Walk trailhead, at the state line Game Commission parking lot, and at the new Louthan Rd. parking area on the Westmoreland property.  We were also able to straighten and level the 6” x 6” signpost on Louthan Rd. on the Dismukes property.  On all of these signs we added landowner names and/or detour information, and on the one at the state line, an aluminum sign showing appreciation for all the organizations that made that financially possible.

I’ll defer to Dave Wright, Project Leader on the shelter at Wampum Underground, for the details on this project, but I will say that the turnout from our volunteers to help out with the hauling of material and doing the actual construction has been tremendous.  With the future cooperation of the weather we should have this project nailed down shortly.

The trail work tools and supplies, as well as additional stickers for Carsonite posts that we ordered from the National Park Service arrived this past week.  The Wampum Chapter now has three new Pulaskis and pairs of loppers in its arsenal.  In addition, the chapter purchased a gasoline-powered hedge trimmer which will enable our maintainers to more efficiently get the overgrowth that comes in from the sides of the trail pushed back.  Aluminum trail-information signs have also been received.

Thanks to our Individual Maintainers that have been out checking and working their sections and have reported in – Mike Troy, Stephanie Parrot, Sister Lyn, Doug Lawrence, Kathy Rea, and Deb Charleson.

And thank you to all of our volunteers that have come out for our group trail work sessions:  Doug Lawrence, Kathy Rea, Sabrina Royea, Josh Best, Kelly Carpenter, Bob “Bear” Best, Mike Troy, Joe Hardisky, Dave Wright, Dave Gayhart, George Kredel, John Rarick, Herb Adams, Dennis Garrett, Jordan McMannis, Rick Ostheimer, Candy and Bobby Sprecker, Rick and Sher Eiler, and Julianna Kunselman.  Always hoping I haven’t missed someone, and I apologize in advance if I have.

Dave Brewer

Trail Coordinator

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2017 Outreach Calendar

January 17, 2017

The Wampum Chapter maintains a rigorous outreach program and we try to reach out to as many members of the community as we can to build awareness of the North Country National Scenic Trail in Beaver and Lawrence counties of Pennsylvania.  Please make plans to come out for our planned events during 2017 to ‘talk [...]

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We’d Like To Talk To Your Group

January 7, 2017

“We’d like to talk to you about the North Country Trail!”     The Wampum Chapter has volunteers available to come out to your Scout, civic, or community meeting to give a presentation about the NCT here in Beaver and Lawrence counties of PA. Where is the trail? Where should I park? Best places to [...]

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State of the Trail 2016

December 26, 2016

The Wampum Pennsylvania Chapter maintained a busy schedule of activities in 2016 to build, maintain, and promote the North Country Trail in Beaver and Lawrence counties, reaching out to more members of the community than we ever have before and recruiting and engaging new volunteers along the way. With the assistance of the Student Conservation [...]

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2016 Chapter Honor Award Recipient Dorothy Buquo

December 20, 2016

Congratulations to long-time Wampum Chapter Volunteer Dorothy Buquo on being recognized with the 2016 Chapter Honor Award. We appreciate all that she does for the group and for the North Country Trail. The criteria for the Chapter Honor Award, from the national website is:  An individual or household who demonstrates loyalty, commitment and hard work [...]

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Trail Town Program On The Move

December 18, 2016

The NCTA Trail Town Webinar was held on Wednesday, December 14th The Chapter looks forward to our Trail Town Committee working on a plan to better engage with our two great Trail Towns.  Dennis Garrett Thank you for joining us for NCTA’s webinar: You’re a Trail Town. What now? This program depends on volunteer and [...]

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Wampum Chapter Range Trailside Story Board Signs Have Arrived

November 29, 2016

It’s amazing what an artist can do with the scattered pieces and parts of things, pulling them all together and putting them into a form that is, in this case, both artistic and informative.  Graphic Designer and Wampum Volunteer Tracy Hager recently gathered up various photographs and writings and put them together into our fantastic new trailside sign boards.  With [...]

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