Congratulations to Dennis Garrett, Wampum Chapter President and North Country Trail Association Board Member for receiving the 2017 Leadership Award from the North Country Trail Association at the annual Celebration held in Marquette. From the award presentation:

“The Wampum Chapter’s Dennis Garrett is an excellent leader. Although he first learned of the Trail as a landowner, in just a few years he has cheered the chapter into increased membership and volunteerism. As an …early negotiator with other landowners, he has led chapter members into handling that job themselves, resulting in six miles of off-road trail. Dennis maintains relations with public agency partners, makes sure Wampum participates in multiple public events to spread the Trail’s reputation, AND makes sure that others in the chapter work on each of these to spread capabilities chapter-wide.”

We appreciate all his commitment of time and energy to the North Country Trail!

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Work On The ADA Trail At Watt’s Mill Underway!

by wam_chapter on July 23, 2017

Work has commenced on the ADA Trail at Watt’s Mill! Thanks to Joe Demuzio (who’s is donating his time and equipment) the past week saw great progress on the Wampum Chapter’s long-planned project to make this historic area along the North Fork of Little Beaver Creek accessible for our mobility-impaired citizens.

Plenty of thanks to go around to getting us to this point, including to Landscape Architect John Buerkle and Bridge Engineer Steve Smith who’ve both donated their time and expertise, as well as the landowner and Chapter President Dennis Garrett. And plenty of work left to do to bring this project so a successful finish, so if you are interested in being involved email us at and we’ll let you know what the next steps are and how you can be involved.

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Wampum Chapter June Trail Work Report

by wam_chapter on June 20, 2017

June is always a busy, heavy-duty trail maintaining month on the North Country Trail in Wampum territory and our individual maintainers and trail crew have put much time into keeping our pathway clear of weeds, high grass, and blowdowns.  Everyone involved has done a great job of keeping our trail sections in good shape for our hikers and the effort is appreciated!  The trailheads and parking areas at Cemex have never looked better in June, and difficult-to-keep-open trail sections on the 4 Bee’s property, Cemex, the River Walk in Darlington up to Seceder Cemetery, the Kirkwood Farm, the Dismukes property, Watt’s Mill, and the First Energy/McGaffick/Crawford section are looking good this year due to the efforts of our volunteers.  A big thank you goes to Sister Lyn for coordinating the effort.

There were some repair issues to contend with over the past month with two of the chapter’s DR mowers, but those have been resolved thanks to Dennis Garrett and Matt Williams, and both of the mowers (in addition to Sher Eiler’s) have since been in action, mowing our NCT sections at Game Lands 285 on Booth Hill and on the state line parking lot access trail, at the Edwards Farm, and at Game Lands 148 where the mile and a half from Possum Hollow road eastward to the Mines and Meadows border was cleared.

The trail crew was out at Cemex, mowing and pruning the trail from Tony Dytko Rd. to the railroad tracks, and also worked through the Mines and Meadows section from the campground over to Game Lands 148, clipping back the weeds and multi floral rose.  The pathway through Mines and Meadows, although being only a year old, was found to be in very good shape with no evidence of incursions by motorized vehicles.  At Cemex, the trail below Tony Dytko Rd. has dried out appreciably over the past few weeks.  Appreciate all who came out to help with these projects!

A Keystone Trails Association crew, led by Dave Adams and Joe Hardisky, spent the week after Memorial Day in Wampum territory, working to improve the treadway on both sides of Slippery Rock Creek at McConnell’s Mill State Park.  Their efforts to make a safer pathway for hikers on the North Country and Kildoo Trails are appreciated!


Lastly, railroad tie barriers were recently installed above the very steep hillside at the Louthan Rd./Route 168 parking lot in Beaver county.

Thank you to all who support the effort!

Dave Brewer

June 18, 2017


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New Signing for the Darlington NCT Kiosks

by wam_chapter on May 27, 2017

New signs are installed at the Darlington Trail Town kiosks! They feature a description of Darlington, a map of the North Country Trail through the Darlington area, the Wampum PA Chapter North Country Trail Association contact information, and roster of our sponsored monthly hikes for 2017. Stop by and check one out during Darlington Days! One is across the street from the Post Office. The other is next to the Little Beaver Historical Society and McCarl Industrial and Agricultural Museum of Beaver County.  These new signs were designed and provided by Tracy Hager.

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Building Things In 2017

May 14, 2017
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April 2017 Trail Work Report

April 23, 2017

  Great American Cleanup Crew Spring weather has predominated the past month and our trail crew and individual maintainers have been out making a positive impact on the condition of the Wampum Chapter’s section of North Country Trail in various ways.  We’ve cleared blown down trees, painted blazes, picked up trash along our trail route, [...]

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March 2017 Trail Work Report

March 26, 2017

A couple of strong wind events in western Pennsylvania, and our desire to complete the new hiking shelter at Wampum Underground set most of our trail work agenda for the last half of February and the first half of March.  Several of our trips out have been to clear trees that have fallen across our [...]

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Promoting the NCT in Beaver and Lawrence Counties

March 7, 2017

The Wampum Chapter had the opportunity on Saturday evening, March 5th to be present at the First Church of God in Ellwood City for their annual Men’s Venison Dinner. The dinner was held in the Church Hall with vension steaks and meatballs. About 75 men were in attendance. After the dinner we met in the [...]

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Wampum Chapter February 2017 Trail Work Report

February 20, 2017

The weather has been terrific this winter and has permitted us to get outside and knock out projects left and right, from our basic maintenance and clearing walks, to treadway improvement, installing new signing, and working on the hiker shelter at Wampum Underground.    The routine tasks of walking trail and cutting out fallen trees and [...]

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Easier Than Ever To Become A Member Of The Wampum Chapter And Support The NCTA

February 19, 2017

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