North Country Trail Association

2022 Keynote Speakers

Annie Humphrey

Provided by Annie Humphrey

Annie Humphrey resides on the Leech Lake Reservation. She left for four years to serve in the United States Marine Corps and she lived in Wisconsin for a time, but the rice and the maples always called her home. Annie is a carpenter, yoga instructor, tattoo artist, dressmaker, moccasin maker, tree tapper, and fish netter. She writes songs and plays music in her in-between time. Annie doesn’t push formal education on her kids or grandchildren, and she would rather they learn to live without Walmart or Amazon.

Emily Ford

Provided by Emily Ford

Emily Ford is an aspiring winter adventurer and thru-hiker based in Duluth, Minnesota. She has completed many thru-hikes in the Midwest, including the 1,200-mile Ice Age National Scenic Trail, which traverses Wisconsin east to west from Potawatomi State Park to St. Croix State Park on the Minnesota border. Also, in the winter of 2022, she completed a solo 180-mile ski route across the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness with her Alaskan Husky, Diggins. With an understanding and drive to show that anyone can adventure and everyone deserves to discover the outdoors, regardless of race, gender identity, or upbringing, she continues to seek adventure and represent the underrepresented in outdoor spaces.

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