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Little Bear Creek – Southern Chippewa County, MI – Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore

Beaver Dam issue at Little Bear Creek in southern Chippewa County, MI part of the Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore chapter. The trail goes right over the dam but the beaver have been very busy and the dam is very long and not safe at this time (Nov. 2011). This area is betweem H-40 and East Lake Road.

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Trail Alert: NW Ohio – Napoleon to Oak Openings Metro Park

From: Matthew DE The overpass on C-10, NE of Napoleon, doesn’t have a span as of this date. I recommend that you use the overpass on C-11. It is not shown on Google Maps, but OH-424 no longer connects to US-24 at its eastern terminator. Instead, it dead ends about 100 yards west of said […]

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Trail Alert: Columbiana County, Ohio

From Brad B. The bridge across the North Fork of Little Beaver Creek in Columbiana County Ohio, in the Great Trail-Sandy Beaver Canal Chapters segement will be closed after Labor Day for painting. This is the trail section in Ohio, West of the PA285 gamelands trail and from the Forestry property on the railway line. […]

Trail Alert: Drummond Ski Trail – Drummond, WI

From: Arfmon2011 North Lake Owen Drive to Old Highway 63 Trailhead Due to a high wind event on Jul. 1, trail is mostly OBLITERATED! This is noted at North Lake Owen Drive, but not at Old Highway 63. So if heading south (or easterly), the sign recommends an alternative route. If heading north (or westerly) […]

Trail Alert: Warner Creek Pathway, MI

Michigan Map MI-06 Cedar Creek Road to Charlevoix just hiked last week I ran in to a problem after crossing Jordan river road the second time heading to M-32 on th warner creek pathway – the lake has flooded over and preety much knocked the trail right out. Couldn’t get through and had to back […]

Trail Alert UPDATE: Kimball Pines – Battle Creek, MI

A temporary pathway using the Kimball Pines park road is now available, temporary blazing should be in place soon. PREVIOUS POSTING:  From: Ron S. – Kimball Pines park near Battle Creek was damaged by high winds on Sunday May 29, 2011. The park is closed until the cleanup is complete. Suggested alternate route from Bridges Park […]

Trail Alert: Solon Springs, WI

About 1/2 mile of trail located immediately west of US-53, near Solon Springs, WI (including the popular US-53 Trailhead) is closed until further notice. This is due to the Village of Solon Springs reconstructing their waste treatment facility that adjoins the trail. Beginning at US-53, a temporary route has been marked with signs and blazes. […]

Trail Alert: UPDATED from 3/1/2011 Albion, Michigan

[fb-share] The bridge has been rebuilt with a pedestrian walkway and is now open to traffic. PREVIOUS POSTING –  From Ron Sootsman – I just ran across a problem. I hiked from Litchfield to Albion today and had my Mom pick me up in Albion. The trouble: the bridge that is on the south side […]

Insert Cliché Rocket Scientist Comment

So…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that autumn is a great time to be out on the NCT. But it’s still cool when one tells ya so! Here’s a recent note of thanks I received from feller whose day time gig is at NASA – Matthew: Thank you for the information and the map you […]