Why Membership?

The Top 10 Reasons for joining the North Country Trail Association direct from our current members:

1.  The existence of thousands of miles of world-class hiking trail that wouldn’t exist otherwise.
2.  Being associated with a great group of like-minded people.
3.  Being a part of building something on a national scale that will endure beyond our lifetime.
4.  Has more Trail completed than the Appalachian Trail is long!
5.  Serving and learning about the communities that the NCST passes through.
6.  Being tied with the rest of our 7-State community through one common connection.
7.  An incredible link to countless places to enjoy the outdoors.
8.  Protecting a part of nature for future generations.
9.  Becoming part of a historic legacy established by our nation’s Congress.
10. Hiking!

Some Additional Benefits Worth Mentioning:

• The North Star, our quarterly magazine
• Local Chapter communities and activities
• Volunteer opportunities of all kinds – from trail building, to advocacy, to Chapter leadership
• Timely communications from our eNewsletter – the Blue Blaze Bulletin, & other Social Media
• Discounts at our Trail Shop and certain Trail wide events
• Relationships with our Partner and Affiliate trail groups

Have any more reasons?  Please make sure to leave us a comment below.

We also welcome everyone to join us!
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