Corporate Giving


The opportunities to partner with the NCTA are almost limitless as we co-create a role and place for your brand alongside ours. You will also be strategically placing your logo alongside our primary partner, the National Park Service. It is a well known truth that the National Park Service is a dearly loved host of the American landscape and your choice of partnering with us will not go unnoticed by your customers.

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Sponsoring the great American landscape and volunteers

When your corporation gives to the North Country Trail you show that you support the core values that your business and the trail share in common: healthy lifestyle, outdoor recreation, conservation of natural landscapes and good environmental practice and ethics. In sponsoring an organization like the North Country Trail Association you are also sending a strong message that you appreciate the role of the volunteer in our national park system. Our audience is broad but there are some things most of them share in common that might just make them a prime target for your message. Our members and friends love the rich diversity of the north central United States and are passionate about enjoying its great outdoor landscapes. They are fervent volunteers topping the charts in number of hours given to any national park or site. They are healthy and they promote a lifestyle that “gives back.”

Ways to sponsor the North Country Trail

Sponsorship can range from programs to projects, from marketing to maps. We encourage you to give us a call and we can discuss how we might help you get your message out – to your audience and to ours.  Here is just a sample of the opportunities:

  • Annual Conference sponsorships
  • Website sponsorships/advertising
  • Advertizing in the quarterly North Star magazine
  • E-advertising in the monthly Blue Blaze Bulletin
  • Sponsorship of all or part of our fleet of utility trailers
  • Map sponsorship/advertising for a region or state
  • Work  day sponsorship including the opportunity for your employees
  • Trail sign/bridge/kiosk sponsorship

“There’s lots of ways your corporation can partner with the Trail, contact me to talk about it.”

Andrea Ketchmark, Executive Director
(616) 897-5987, ext. 6