Gifts of Stock and Property


Gifts of Stock

The donation of an appreciated stock to the NCTA is a win-win because the organization gets a nice gift that they can use right away to fulfill their mission and the donor can avoid a gains tax on the gift and get a tax deduction for the full value of the stock transfer.

The NCTA does not actively manage donated stocks and promptly cashes in stocks gifted to it through a broker firm it retains for that purpose. If you click on Show Stock Transfer Instructions below we will walk you through the necessary steps to make an electronic or physical transfer of stock to the Association. Please give us a call (616) 897-5987 to make us aware of your transfer so we can acknowledge you for your generous gift.

Show Stock Transfer Instructions

There are two ways to make a stock gift to the NCTA. Below we have listed the pertinent information you will need to make a transfer.

Electronic Transfer

  • Our depository trust company is Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Their DTC number is 0141
  • Our account number with them is 4780-6706
  • Stock must be transferred to the specific name: North Country Trail Association
  • Our tax identification number is 38-2423480
  • Wells Fargo Advisors toll free phone number is: 800-688-3113

Certificate Transfer

  • The person to whom the shares are registered should sign the back of the certificate and authorize that the shares are to be deposited to the North Country Trail Association, Account #4780-6706
  • The certificate should be sent by registered mail to:

Wells Fargo Associates
99 Monroe Ave. NW, Suite 850
Grand Rapids, MI  49503

Your generous support is extremely important to us and our desire is to handle your financial gift in a manner that is professional and honors your intent. In order to effectively track and recognize your gift please let us know when you have transferred the stock and the number and type of shares. You can call us at 866-445-3628. Thank you.

Gifts of Real Estate

25259373195_e41816156f_bMaking a donation of real estate to the North Country Trail Association can take on several forms. We receive gifts of land located along our trail corridor which makes a wonderful gift with full tax benefits for the donor. We immediately place that land in the hands of one of our many trusted conservancy/ land management partners for enduring safe keeping.

The other gift of real estate that makes good tax sense involves land or buildings that you no longer need or don’t wish to pass on to your heirs in your estate plan. Depreciated or unwanted land or buildings can become a tax burden if handled improperly but is an asset when transferred to a nonprofit organization like the NCTA. You can receive the full tax benefit and we then will sell the real estate and put your gift to immediate work helping us achieve our mission.

If you wish to make a deferred gift of your land, farm or home in your lifetime and maintain occupancy until your death, that is a possibility also. Give us a call if this is something you are interested in and we can discuss the best way to proceed. As always, you will want to contact your financial advisor in any transaction of this type.

Other Non-cash Gifts and Gifts in Kind

The North Country Trail Association welcomes non-cash gifts in the form of materials that will assist the association in meeting its mission. At this time the IRS does not recognize gifts of service and professional counsel but these forms of support are also welcomed by the NCTA.

Contact the NCTA office if you have an asset you would like to donate and a determination will be made if the item could be useful and how to go about making the transfer of the asset. Suitable donations can qualify for a full tax deduction for the fair market value of the item.

Got some land or some other asset that you want to donate but just don’t know the best way to go about it? Give me a call and let’s talk.

Andrea Ketchmark, Executive Director
(616) 897-5987, ext. 6