Happy New Year from the NCTA!

by Andrea Ketchmark, Executive Director

Happy New Year! Like many of you, I spend a lot of time at year’s end looking back at the previous 12 months and wondering how it went so fast. I also spend time considering the year to come, and think about all of the things I’d like to accomplish – some huge goals that seem insurmountable and some small tweaks to my daily life that I’m convinced will make my life better if I can just stick to them (like eating breakfast every single day).

Every year, one of my most important goals is to live my commitment to the outdoors. I’m going to strive to spend more time outside, both by myself and with my family. More hiking, biking, skiing and swimming. More time breathing in fresh air, feeling the wind in my hair and the ground under my feet. I also think about how I can give back to NCTA and organizations like ours that protect the places where we recreate, those places that keep our spirits wild and our hearts healthy and happy.

Linda Bacon: “Finished my 100 today with Tammy Krembs, who I’d never met before. But we both ended up at the NCTA headquarters today and both finishing goals, hers being completing all of the Lower Peninsula, so why not!”

In 2020, I ask you to join me in setting not only New Year’s resolutions, but North Country Trail resolutions.

Hike with us: Challenge yourself with Hike 100, try backpacking, or finally take that trip you’ve been waiting for to explore a new section of the NCT.

Volunteer your time: Join a work day for the first time or step up to join the ranks in leadership with your local Chapter. (Don’t worry, we’ll train you!)

Support our work: Make a one-time donation or sign up to be a monthly giver, and invite others to join you in your support of the Trail so we can grow our community.

Whatever personal goal you choose, your resolutions can help change you and the North Country Trail for the better. What do you want to accomplish on the Trail next year? Share your resolutions with us (@northcountrytrail on social media) and we’ll cheer you on all year!

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