Volunteer Resources

We are dedicated to providing our members and volunteers with the most up to date information needed to build, maintain and promote the North Country Trail and run your chapters smoothly and successfully. Our Chapter Leadership Handbook is the go-to document for anyone interested in a leadership position within the NCTA but these pages are also packed with information for all of our volunteers from Chapter President to Trail Adopter to Landowner.

We’ve organized our resources by the following topics.  Take some time to explore and see what we have to offer and please let us know what you do find useful and what subjects you would like to know more about.

  • Membership and Volunteer Management
    Learn more about managing a chapter with our Chapter Leadership Handbook. Recruit, manage and recognize your chapter volunteers with online tools, advice from the experts and stories about what others are doing on the Trail.
  • Trail Protection
    Learn skills to effectively partner with our public land management agencies. Secure the long-term protection of the trail across private land with our Trail Protection Guide, Landowner Options brochure and Trail Protection Grant program.
  • Outreach and Communication
    Introduction to the NCT video, chapter Logos, events panning guides and tools to help you design outreach materials.
  • Education and Research
    Research on hiking, trails and outdoor recreation as well as materials to help us be better stewards and teach sustainable ethics.
  • Trail Towns
    Information on the Trail Town Program and materials to establish, implement, and communicate the program.