Take Action

The North Country Trail Route Adjustment Act has passed the House!
It’s now time to urge the Senate to join them.

Contact your Senators. Tell them to pass the North Country National Scenic Trail Route Adjustment Act (S. 363) and do what’s needed to get it to the President for signature. Our message is positive but urgent!

  • Thank them for their support in getting us this far.
  • Remind them that the communities along the Trail want this designation.
  • Remind them of the volunteer effort that it takes to make the Trail a reality.
  • Remind them that Congress has not acted on this for 15 years and it’s time. Ask them to be the ones to finally get it done!

Check to see if your Senate and House Members support the important legislation for the Trail.

You can track all legislation here:

If they do, contact them to thank them. If they don’t, contact them to request that they become a cosponsor. 

Check out these advocacy resources: