Hike More Worry Less

2017 has been a challenging year for those of us who enjoy being out of doors.  If you are as tired as we are of the 24 hour news feeds, please join us as we shift our focus to something that’s equally as available, much more peaceful, and healthy for mind, body, and spirit – the trail!  We want you to hike more and worry less this holiday season!  

We know you’ll have an amazing experience and we ask you to consider taking the next step and support the trail by making a donation today.  Your dollars go to work immediately in helping us do the hard work that made the trail available to you.

Our work is so important. From coordinating volunteers to build and maintain the trail, to working with landowners to ensure the trail is always available, to advocating and protecting the lands the trail traverses when they are threatened.  No dollar will be wasted.