MI-11 – Au Train Lake to Little Garlic Falls **NO LONGER IN STOCK**


Segment Length: 71.5 miles

Included on this map: Hiawatha National Forest (West Unit), Escanaba River State Forest, Laughing Whitefish Falls State Scenic Site, Little Presque Isle State Recreation Area

Welcome to the North Country National Scenic Trail in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The trail passes through a maple-beech hardwood forest in the east, and boreal growth on the Canadian Shield in the west. Scenic views include Lake Superior beaches and overlooks, and rugged rock outcroppings of varied geological ages. Marquette, the largest city in the Upper Penisula, is a designated Trail Town, USA.

Map Last Updated: 2016

11×17 two-sided map folds to pocket size (approx. 3.5 x 5.5).

Printed double-sided on “Rite in the Rain” waterproof tear resistant paper.

**We are discontinuing our paper maps now that we have some of our free PDF maps available for you to download and print at home! For this segment, please refer to the Michigan Maps 33-68 – Central UP map set. The current MI-11 maps will be available until stock runs out.**

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