Our Stories

Rennae Gruchalla: Volunteer Spotlight

“We all worked kind of randomly at first,” explained Rennae, “but by 2009 we established our new Chapter, the Dakota Prairie Chapter. It began with approximately 10 members. I was hooked from the very beginning.” Rennae Gruchalla, Vice President of the NCTA Dakota Prairie Chapter, is certainly a hardworking volunteer worthy of a spotlight. Rennae […]

Charlie and Susie Green: Supporter Spotlight

  “I figure a dollar a mile donation is pretty good value for my time on the Trail. A therapist would cost much more.” Charlie and Susie Green completed their Hike 100 Challenge this May when they took advantage of the *NCTA’s #hikefromhome rule change, which allowed all mileage to count toward Hike 100 because […]

Mike and Tina Toole: Volunteer Spotlight

As states, counties and individual land managers begin to welcome back group projects on the Trail, the NCTA has established a task force to help guide discussion and decision making, addressing best practices for our volunteers returning to trail work. The task force is comprised of over a dozen Chapter and Affiliate leaders, volunteers, National […]