The Murphy Family on the North Country Trail

by Nicole Murphy

One of the desires of my heart when we were looking for a new home was to be near to a trail. I had seen a trailhead at the end of the road when we were driving around the area on a very rainy day in March, and thought that was wonderful. However, as we were not from the area, it was not until after the purchase was finalized that I discovered the North Country Trail is literally right outside my back gate! Thank you Universe, for hearing my request!

In the few years we have lived here, we have watched Mother Nature work her magic through the seasons, and the changes of the trees and foliage. We have experienced varied and beautiful wildlife in their habitat. Yes, there are days that I have to drag my daughter kicking and screaming away from a screen to get out onto the Trail; but once she is outside, the many benefits of nature take over. As a parent, it is wonderful to watch as your child ‘sees’ nature and embraces it. Every time we get out on the Trail, Analiese proudly states that being outside and spending uninterrupted quality time together is so much better than watching TV! We can be creative with scavenger hunts, sword fights, or shape and colour games. She can run and climb a tree and be adventurous crossing the stream on the stepping stones, or we can simply take a quiet hand-in-hand walk and listen to the sounds of the birds and our feet rustling in the leaves. Taking the time together is truly filling her love tank and when her love tank is full, she is happy and in balance with life.

The moments shared on the Trail are irreplaceable, and the benefits to our family’s health and mental wellness are incredible and cannot be found in any other way.

I want to know that the North Country Trail that we enjoy now will be protected in perpetuity for my daughter and her children, and their children and so on. I want each of them to experience the magic that Mother Nature provides, and also that they may experience the many benefits of what the Trail can provide to their families.


Plan your family’s adventure today by referencing the map resources we offer at no cost to you! The Trail is much more accessible than you may think.

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