What to wear & bring with you?

Gear for a backpacking trip

Gear for a backpacking trip

The selection of proper clothing and gear for a hike / backpacking trip are highly personal and frequently-debated topics.  If you are new to hiking/backpacking, we recommend that you:

Obtain books pertinent to on hiking/backpacking that discuss what to wear and/or bring. Some suggestions include:

Visit your local outfitter / gear store as they should be a good resource for assembling your clothing and gear.

You might also want to attend a presentation/course on hiking or backpacking offered by an outdoor retailer, nearby College/University outdoors program, or a local outdoors organization.  Examples of providers include:

There are also some useful online resources.  Check out Backpacker Magazine’s online skills training, Andrew Skurka’s How To series, the American Hiking Society’s fact sheets, Backpackinglight.com’s website and magazine, and thebackpacker.com’s tips for beginners.