Davis Hollow Cabin

Davis Hollow Cabin North Country Trail



The Davis Hollow Cabin, located within Moraine State Park, is one of two historic facilities along the North Country Trail. (The second being the Birch Grove Schoolhouse north of White Cloud, Michigan.) Volunteers manage and maintain the cabin, devoting their time and energy in order to preserve the cabin’s history for future generations to enjoy.  For information on renting the Davis Hollow Cabin for an event or overnight stay, please call 724-575-0471.

historic davis hollow cabin

painting of the historic Davis Hollow Cabin


Construction began on the cabin before the start of the American Revolution. The hand-hewn logs and hand-carved stone are superb examples of pioneer construction. Located behind the Davis Hollow Marina at present-day Moraine State Park, the cabin served as a summer home for Mrs. Katherine Davis and her sister, Miss Eleanor Holt, before the park’s development. Today, the North Country Trail Association (NCTA) leases the cabin from the park.


Hikers along the trails have a place to stay if they plan ahead. Today, due to word of mouth advertising, with the season running from May 1st to November 1st , reservations are filled quickly. Scouts, church groups, families, couples, sailors and canoe enthusiasts, nature lovers and hikers make up the bulk of the guests during the season. The cabin sleeps 11, has a fully equipped kitchen, two lavatories, indoor fireplace, outdoor fire pit, and split wood provided (donations accepted for the wood).


Continual maintenance is required if we are going to be able to share this cabin experience. Contributions for the continuation of this very special historic landmark in our region are certainly welcome.


(for reservations and more info)

Email: dhcabin@northcountrytrail.org

Phone: 724-575-0471.


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