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Any current Trail closures or re-routes will be posted here. Please check back before beginning your hike, or check with the Chapter, Affiliate or Partner, who maintains the Trail in the area you plan to hike.

Run across an issue on the Trail? Please report a trail condition here.


June 2018:  Heavy rainfall has impacted areas across Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Trail users are highly encouraged to check local conditions and contact local land managers before planning a hike in these areas. Please report any damage to the NCT to Regional Trail Coordinators Bill Menke (WI) and Kenny Wawsczyk (MI), or on our website. Specific closures and damage reports will be listed below as they are received.


New York

For Trail alerts and conditions along the Finger Lakes Trail portion of the NCNST, please visit the Finger Lakes Trail Conference’s website at


No Trail alerts at this time.


For Trail alerts and conditions along the Buckeye Trail portion of the NCNST, please visit the Buckeye Trail Association’s website at


  • Petoskey: The trail under Bridge Street is closed due to bridge construction. The route is said to be open by June 29th. Until then please follow the temporary reroute.
  • O Kun de Kun: The NCT east of US 45 to view O Kun de Kun falls is extremely muddy and difficult to traverse. Please use the old two track service road that starts adjacent to the NCT from the parking area. This section of trail has received funding from the DNR Trust Fund to improve accessibility and we are expecting work to begin later this year.
  • Manistee National Forest: The bridge over the Manistee River on Coates Road known as “Red Bridge” will be completely replaced starting around April 2nd until a proposed open date of August 24. Although this will not impact hikers only traveling along the NCT it is part of the Manistee River Loop so hikers need to plan accordingly as no traffic will be allowed during construction. View a re-route map here. For more information visit the Huron-Manistee National Forest’s webpage.
  • Marshall: Marshall Avenue footbridge is closed due to a power company project. Suggested re-route is to turn right on River Street and follow the sidewalk west and south till it connects with the Riverwalk.
  • Trail east of Black River Harbor to County Road 519 may be difficult to traverse due to numerous washed out culverts creating deep trenches. Please use extreme caution if choosing to hike this area: The route will be evaluated in the spring of 2018.



  • Rainbow Lake Wilderness–Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest: The NCT within the Rainbow Lake Wilderness is closed due to storm damage and flooding An alternate road walk has been defined and maps are posted on the ground and on the Forest’s website.
  • Moose River just east of West Mail Road in Town of Gordon: The bridge across the mouth of the Moose River has some storm damage. The railings are reportedly  missing, but the bridge should be otherwise passable.
  • Pattison State Park: The entire park, including the NCT is closed due to recent flooding.
  • Douglas County:
    • The segment which follows the Saunders State Trail south of CR-C/W is flooded and has been closed.
    • Spring Creek Bridge (located between the Douglas County Wildlife Area (Bird Sanctuary) and the St. Croix River)-The ramps leading to the bridge are displaced, but it appears that the bridge can be carefully crossed. At this time, it is not known when or how repairs will be made. Not far south of the bridge, there is also a short section of puncheon that is displaces, but this area can be easily crossed.

1/10/2017: The Eastern Sections of NCT in the Chequamegon National Forest have now been opened by the USFS but with this major caveat: There are still issues with bridges with some of the larger bridges having some erosion issues on the approaches. The trail is open but you will need to use CAUTION in hiking these sections of NCT.The entire park, including the NCT is closed due to recent flooding.


7/23/2018: The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service will be closing their entire trail system at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center (PWLC) – including the NCT – on July 30th.  Their trails will be closed for 4 weeks but signs will be updated showing progress and suggestions for NCT hikers.  The purpose of their project is to make their trails more sustainable and accessible.  NCT hikers should bypass the PWLC by taking Hwy 210 and paved trail south along Pebble Lake Rd. to Delagoon Park.   Find the latest info at  Map:,46.2468,-95.9995,46.2832

5/25/2018: The eastern most section of the Kekekabic Trail along Mine Lake is currently underwater because of a beaver dam that has raised the lake’s water level by a foot or more. The trail is passable by walking through 6-12″ of dark water or hikers may attempt to scramble around it on the uphill side. Follow this link to view a map of this section.

Severe summer storms in June/July 2016 left areas of severe blowdown along the North Country Trail in north-central and northeastern Minnesota. The last of this has been cleared this summer.

Blowdown areas along the Kekekabic and Border Route Trails have mostly been cleared, but hikers still should be prepared to encounter patches of blowdown and need to have Wilderness navigation / bushwacking skills (route finding through / around). Significant blowdown remains on the loop trails off the Kekekabic Trail (e.g. Snowbank, Old Pines, Disappointment, Becoosin-Benezie, etc) but the U.S. Forest Service has had and will again have crews out working on them in 2018. Call the Ely office (218-365-7600) to get the latest conditions before tackling these loop trails.

Please note that your hike will be impacted in these areas.  Contact Matthew Davis at or 701-388-1883 if you have particular questions.

For Trail alerts along the Superior Hiking Trail portion of the NCNST, please visit the Superior Hiking Trail Association’s website at

For Trail alerts along the Border Route Trail portion of the NCNST, please visit the Border Route Trail Association’s website at

North Dakota

No Trail alerts at this time.