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**We’re sorry, the 2018 Hike 100 Challenge is closed. Miles can no longer be submitted for patches and certificates.**

2019 Hike 100 Challenge

Over the past three years, thousands of people have signed up for and completed Hike 100. And in 2019, you’ll have that opportunity yet again! The rules remain the same: Anyone who hikes 100 miles on the NCNST during calendar year 2019, in aggregate or all at once, will be eligible for a certificate and patch. In addition, the NCTA will be offering free resources for those who sign up for the challenge. Signing up also makes you eligible for prizes!

Starting your 2019 Hike 100 Challenge is easy:

1. Sign up!

We will send you updates and you’ll be officially eligible for drawing prizes.

2. Download tools for your 2019 Challenge.

  • Log sheet: PDF | Word doc or Checkbox for kids: PDF | Word doc
    We DO NOT need your log sheets when you fill out your Completion Form. These are simply for you to keep track of your miles.
  • Flyer for distribution (PDF)

3. Hit the Trail!

Take a look at our online map and consider downloading the Avenza app on your phone to start planning your 2019 adventures on the NCT. If you’d rather hike with company or local NCT experts, check out our online calendar of events.

4. Complete 100 miles by December 31, 2019 and submit your form.

You have 365 days to choose from!

5. Share your adventures on social media.

We love to see your photos and stories! Tag @northcountrytrail on Facebook and Instagram, and use the hashtags #Hike100NCT and #northcountrytrail. You might even see your pictures and stories featured on our channels!


woman and dog on north country trail

We will soon announce a special Hike 100 item for dogs, so be sure to track their miles! Photo by John Pottenger.

Do the 100 miles have to be unique miles?
Nope! We want to make this accessible to as many as possible and get people out on the Trail. If someone hikes the same 5 miles over and over to equal 100, that will count. (Skiing and snowshoeing also count!)

Can I get more patches if I hike 100+ miles?
So you’re an overachiever, eh? We’re impressed! However, each person will only receive one 100-mile patch. If you’re really loving this challenge though, check out our long distance hiking program: We have long distance recognition that doesn’t necessarily include the entire NCT.

Do I have to sign up for the email list to receive the patch?
No, but you might miss out on cool prizes and helpful tips, so we recommend you sign up.

Can my kids get a patch?
Absolutely! There is no age limit. Each and every member in your family who hikes 100 miles on the North Country Trail in 2019 can receive a patch.

Can my dog get a patch?
The patches are for people, but we do offer pet tags for our furry finishers. The completion form includes an option for pets.

How can I keep track of my miles?
We are offering a digital toolkit for those who sign up for the Hike 100 email list. But really, whether you scratch them out on a piece of paper, use a spreadsheet, a GPS unit or an app on your phone, there’s no right or wrong way. If you are looking for a great hiking app, we suggest checking out Map My Hike.

Does the Hike 100 cost anything?
Thanks to assistance from the National Park Service and generous donations from supporters, we are happy to offer this challenge for free. The North Country Trail is built and maintained by volunteer labor and donations. If you love the Trail and your nifty new patch, you can always make a donation. If you donate at least $20, we’ll send you a digital copy of our quarterly magazine the North Star and you will receive discounts on merchandise in our Trail Shop.

Do miles not hiked on the North Country Trail count?
We love all trails but for this challenge, we are only counting miles hiked on the North Country National Scenic Trail. Connecting spur trails and nearby trails don’t count. We’ve got 4,600 miles for you to choose from though, so there’s plenty of opportunity for adventure nearby. Check out our online map here.

So… Are you ready to sign up yet?

Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure! Sign up today. We’ll send you monthly encouragement and opportunities to win prizes!