Mellen Trail Town

The City of Mellen has been the key connection between Copper Falls State Park and the North Country National Scenic Trail in the Chequamegon Forest for many years.

Original Urban North Country National Scenic Trail signs were installed in 2008. A revitalization of the City of Mellen Hike and Bike Trail started in October of 2009 and continued into 2010.

The Hike & Bike Trail is a certified section of NCT that runs along the scenic Bad River. Strategically placed benches take in the view of the Bad River and occasional sightings of geese and ducks that frequent the area. A 370 foot raised boardwalk was completed on October of 2016 on the NCT leading to Copper Falls State Park along with a new bridge and wooden puncheon.

The City of Mellen is proud to have been named Wisconsin’s first Trail Town by the North Country Trail Association during a Trail Town Celebration in September 2012. Final paperwork was signed in April of 2013 making this goal a reality.

Mellen was established in 1886 and is the second oldest city in Ashland County. Located just 25 miles South of Lake Superior and the City of Ashland, the city is situated near the Penokee Mountain Range and the Bad River that flows east to the well-known Copper Falls State Park and Loon Lake. The historic Mellen city hall was built in 1892 and is located along the city portion of the North Country Trail and has a museum on the upper floor. Mellen is a small friendly town that offers a great stepping off point for your next great outdoor adventure.

Some of the amenities you will find in the City Mellen include:

  • several restaurants/bars
  • gas stations with convenience items
  • a grocery store with some camping/cookout supplies
  • a credit union and bank
  • a post office and a Dollar General.

In addition, along the Mellen NCT you will find areas for resting and picnicking such as Jasper Landry Square and John McLaughlin Park and the recently built library.

boardwalk along the north country trail near mellen

The new 370′ raised boardwalk built in 2016

The measure of a city can be easily gained by what a visitor has to say. In 2009, a thru-backpacker on the NCT, Niblewill Nomad (Eb), passed through the City of Mellen. Eb’s journal entries for the City of Mellen are filled with helpful smiles and lasting memories. What a testament to the people of Mellen and the NCT that passes through it.

We hope you visit us and find everything you need as you hike through our quaint town and revel in our attractive trail which the Chequamegon Chapter of the North Country Trail Association maintains.

For further information, please send a request via email to the Chequamegon Chapter of the North Country Trail Association at:

To find contact information, event calendars, and additional info regarding the trail in this area, please view the Chequamegon Chapter page.