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Chapter QR Codes

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To use the QR code, first open the camera app on a smartphone and point the camera at the QR code to scan it. The smartphone should open a web browser and direct you to that Chapter’s web page. Contact Kate Lemon ( with technical questions.

Allegheny National Forest Chapter

Arrowhead Chapter

Brule-St. Croix Chapter

Butler County Chapter

Central Flyway Chapter

Central New York Chapter

Chequamegon Chapter

Chief Baw Beese Chapter

Chief Noonday Chapter

Clarion County Chapter

Dakota Prairie Chapter

Grand Traverse Hiking Club Chapter

Harbor Springs Chapter

Heritage Chapter

Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore Chapter

Itasca Moraine Chapter

Jordan Valley 45° Chapter

Kekekabic Trail Chapter

Laurentian Lakes Chapter

Marquette Area Chapter

Minnesota Waters and Prairie Chapter

Ni-Miikanaake Chapter

Peter Wolfe Chapter

Sheyenne River Valley Chapter

Spirit of the Woods Chapter

Star of the North Chapter

Superior Shoreline Chapter

Wampum Chapter

Western Michigan Chapter