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About the Chapter:

NCTA Volunteers with Ni-Miikanaake Chapter

The Ni-Miikanaake (NMK) chapter of the Michigan segment of the North Country Trail encompasses a diverse group of individuals, all interested in developing this part of the Trail.

Much of our section of trail runs through the Ottawa National Forest and Porcupine Mountain State Park. We work with both agencies to administer, construct, and repair the trail.

Our members have strong backgrounds in outdoors activities ranging from camping to GPS. We welcome anyone with an interest.

Read more about our Chapter below, check out maps of the area and connect with us to get involved in local hikes, events, and trail projects.


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Phone: 715-952-8900

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Trail Overview:

The Ni-Miikanaake (which means ‘I make a Trail’ in Ojibwa) Chapter is the westernmost in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, linking the trail to Wisconsin. Our segment from the Wisconsin border goes east to M-64 and passes through the Gogebic County Forest, the Ottawa National Forest, The Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park (the “Porkies”), and private property.

The area consists of mostly mature forest with diverse flora & fauna, a mixed terrain of old logging roads, narrow paths and elevation changes. Areas of particular beauty are Black River Harbor and the Presque Isle River area of Porcupine Mountain State Park. The trail offers 4 seasons of recreational opportunity, each with its own special flavor.

The western-most segment of our trail, about ten miles from the Wisconsin border to Copper Peak, has not yet been built. To thru-hike our segment, start at Copper Peak, and continue east. Our part of the NCT is about 55 miles.

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Hike Name: Black River Harbor Area

Length: .5 – 2 miles

Why Hike this section: This part of the trail goes north, or downriver, along the Black River, to the harbor, and then up the other river bank (to the south.) Views of the river and Lake Superior. Big, old-growth hemlocks and maples. Waterfalls and a suspension bridge. There are several nearby parking areas and the hiker can take a long or short, easy or difficult hike.

Driving Directions: Go to US 2 in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Go to Bessemer, and turn north on Moore St, at the only stoplight in Bessemer. Follow the main
road as Moore St turns into Black River Drive. The harbor/trailhead/parking lot is at the end of Black River Drive, 15.5 miles from the stoplight.

Hiking Directions: From the parking lot: the west trail branch goes up a steep hill at the edge of the parking lot, to the west of the river. The east trail branch goes across the suspension bridge, and up the river bank on the other side. Both branches are well-marked.