Finger Lakes Trail Conference

Between the Pennsylvania border and the northeast end of the Onondaga Branch (421 miles), the Finger Lakes Trail is the official route of the North Country National Scenic Trail.


The Finger Lakes Trail System includes the main Finger Lakes Trail (FLT) from the Pennsylvania-New York border in Allegany State Park to the Long Path in the Catskill Forest Preserve. The main FLT is 558 miles long. There are six branch trails and fourteen loop trails that extend from the main FLT. There are also numerous short spurs to vistas, access points, springs, lean-tos, etc. These branch, loop and spur trails currently total 400 miles. Including the Main Trail and all branch, loop, and side trails, the Finger Lakes Trail System offers 958 miles of hiking.

The Finger Lakes Trail Conference, Inc. (FLTC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization comprised of dues paying members and governed by a Board of Managers duly elected by its membership in accordance with its written Bylaws.


Use the links below to contact the the FLTC for information about the NCNST on the FLT and any upcoming events or trail work. You may also purchase maps from the FLTC, as well as view the Trail on their online interactive web map.



NCNST on the interactive FLT web map:

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