Peter Wolfe Chapter

Campers on the Peter Wolfe Section. Photo courtesy of the Chapter.

About the Chapter:

Work Crew on the Trail

Work crew with the Peter Wolfe Chapter

We like to think of the Peter Wolfe Chapter as one of the most remote sections of trail in the entire NCT. So if you want to experience solitude while on a beautiful hike, and view and walk along the highest cliff in the state of Michigan, this is the Chapter to visit. We have monthly hikes year-round to showcase our trail. We always welcome the public to join us to explore this awesome trail. The hikes are posted to our Facebook page, emailed to members and hikers, and posted on several outdoorsy Meetup pages in our area.

We are always looking for help to maintain the Trail – taking the time to throw some branches off the Trail while you hike, helping on a special project, mowing or brush-hogging along the Trail, or joining a group of volunteers as they maintain the Trail. It’s all fun!

Our annual General Membership meeting with a featured speaker is open to the public and takes place each spring to kick off our season. Please come join us on any or all of our fun activities!


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Trail Overview:

The Peter Wolfe Chapter has over 100 miles of mostly forested trail stretching from M64 in the West, to East of US41 at Long Lake near the Craig Lake Forest. Our trail has about 90 miles on the Ottawa National Forest, about 12 miles on State Land and the remainder in private holdings. We are proud to have built 3 enclosed shelters for our hikers.

Trap Hills

Trap Hills

This is remote country! So be prepared! There are two towns with supplies, cafe and PO, both about a 4 mile hike off the trail; Rockland near Victoria, and Watton near Tibbets Falls. Also two larger communities; L’Anse, 10 miles off the trail and Bergland, 7 miles off the NCT. In the western PWC, you will encounter a number of breath taking bluff overlooks in the Trap Hills where you see nothing but undisturbed forests and soaring birds, as far as the eye can see! (And imagine being there in the Fall, with the full color!)

The trail then passes thru a restored mining village, Victoria, and you will see the ruins of an era gone by. You will then cross the mighty Baltimore and Ontonagon Rivers on huge expansion trail bridges, and come into view of the O Kun de Kun Falls. Next will be a short spur to the popular Bob Lake, then on to the magnificent Silver Mountain area where a short climbing spur will take you to the top of a nearly 360 degree view of beautiful forests and birds of the sky.

We then hike along the eastern edge of the Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness; you can take a short steep spur into the Gorge to experience a Wilderness area as intended! (As if you were not already in one of the most remote sections of the entire NCT!) Leaving the ONF and entering the State lands you will find a more sandy expanse with rare swales, the Tibbets Falls on the Sturgeon River and on to Big Lake area where there is a Waterfowl Sanctuary teaming with birds of many kinds! Finally you will walk up alongside the Sturgeon River and encounter, THE GRAND CANYON OF THE U.P.! including Canyon Falls! The next few miles include a road walk, still waiting for acquisition to connect to the next chapter trail.

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View and Download these guides to the sections of the NCT within the Peter Wolfe Chapter Area:

US-64 In Trap Hills to Old Victoria complex (PWC Seg 1-15) – Download the Trail Guide.
Old Victoria Complex to Forest Highway 16, just east of Bob Lake (PWC Seg 16-32) – Download the Trail Guide.
Forest Hghiway 16 to Tibbets Falls trailhead on Plains road (PWC Seg 33-46) – Download the Trail Guide.
Tibbets Falls trailhead on Plains road to Canyon Falls trailhead on US41 (PWC Seg 47-58) – Download the Trail Guide.