Working with Land Management Partners


Working with land management partners

Partnership picThe North Country Trail crosses 150 different land management units on its way from New York to North Dakota.  From National Forests, Grasslands and Wildlife Refuges, State parks and recreation areas to county forests and other locally managed areas, we must work with many different partners to make the NCT a reality.

While NCTA and National Park Service staff focus their efforts on the national or state level, our volunteers are building these relationships from the ground up with the land managers that have direct management responsibility of the Trail.

These partnerships bring ideas and resources to the table, enabling us to accomplish more than we ever could alone, helping us “do more with more.” We have incredible success stories across the Trail and celebrate when it works well, but sometimes gloss over the fact that building effective partnerships is difficult.

It takes time, patience, persistence and sometimes, a good sense of humor. Every relationship has its tough times and partnerships aren’t about always agreeing.  They are about working towards a common goal.   We must keep a positive working relationship with those that manage the Trail even if we don’t always see eye to eye. With a shared vision, clearly defined roles and responsibilities and the will to empower our volunteers, there is no limit to what we can do together.

Check out the links below for some tips and best practices for building these relationships: