Trail Towns

 Welcome to your NCT Trail Town Center


A Trail Town is a community through which the North Country Trail passes that supports hikers with services, promotes the Trail to its citizens and embraces the Trail as a resource to be protected and celebrated. Trail Towns are built on a relationship between a town, the Trail and its volunteers.

If you are interested in developing a Trail Town near you, check out our Trail Town Handbook and the resources below for detailed instructions. Or explore our Towns virtually by clicking on the links below and then visit them in person to see all they have to offer.

Information for Trail Town Development

Chances are you already have a relationship with the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and other community partners. This program simply helps identify ways the town and the Trail can work together, plan together and capitalize on the benefits a National Scenic Trail can bring to the area.

Use the Trail Town Handbook and additional resources to make your Trail Town the best it can be.

Current Trail Towns