Help us build trail with the beavers!

The beaver is probably the most common animal our trail workers and trail users see evidence of when they are out on the trail.Beaver Tale cover complete

Nocturnal by design, the beaver is not an animal you see very often but you sure know where they’ve been. And sometimes the evidence of where they’ve been is the very reason you are now walking on the trail in a foot of water!

Beaver problems can surface quickly, ruining the hiking experience.

In some cases rising water can make the trail impassable and put the long distance hiker at risk, or at the very least, significantly inconvenienced.

On the North Country Trail we think beaver country is some of the most beautiful hiking along the trail and we’d prefer to not miss it!

So we work with the beaver.

Watching what they do, we gently build our trail “through” their habitat and “over” their handiwork.

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Building solutions in beaver country in MN.

That way our hikers, bird watchers and scout groups can have a great hike AND see some amazing beaver country. And if they are really lucky, they might get to see one of our buck-toothed friends.

Planning, building and maintaining the North Country Trail corridor through beaver country takes time and a lot of resources. All seven trail states have very active beaver communities and require regular monitoring and diligent maintenance.

Working with our beavers is an annual challenge.

Your generous gift of support will allow us to make sure we can keep providing a high quality hiking experience through beaver country in all seven states. Please make a gift today.



Click an image below to view the Beaver Tale on the North Country Trail in the Chippewa National Forest (all photos taken by Matt Davis).

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3 Responses to “Help us build trail with the beavers!”

  1. Nelda and Gilford Ikenberry May 21, 2015 at 7:04 pm #

    Is it every possible to move a beaver family to another part of the country? We had some naughty teens who trapped a whole family out of their home on Paleface Creek, in the Ottawa National Forest near Black River Harbor, north of Ironwood, Michigan. We have lived here for summers, since great grandpa Clemens built a log cabin up there in the 1930s. And we miss them. Do you know anyway we can get our forest service biologist based at Ironwood Michigan involved in doing this? We have plenty of willow, [giant?] for them to eat, and the creek needs beaver maintenance.

  2. Dennis Garrett May 25, 2015 at 11:31 am #

    This is a great story & pictures; well done. Being from W. PA, BEAVER County and the Wampum Chapter of the NCTA, we know a little about Beavers. Our section of the NCT follows several miles of the Little BEAVER Creek and we have signs of the BEAVERS, though they have minimal impact on the trail. Nice elevated bridge and puncheon. Thanks.

  3. Amelia Rhodes May 26, 2015 at 10:10 am #

    Thanks Dennis! And thank you for the great work you do in Beaver County with the Wampum Chapter.

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