Our Work

The day-to-day operations of the North Country Trail Association provide valuable administrative, planning, and volunteer resources to build, promote, and protect the North Country National Scenic Trail.


NCTA staff handle the Association’s core business functions, including financial management for 31 Chapters, IRS reporting, cooperative agreement with NPS, 501 (c)3 and state charitable registrations, insurance, membership management, human resources, database and records management.

Trail Management and Protection 

  • Trail building and maintenance through our volunteer Chapters.
  • Chapter and volunteer management & support.
  • Volunteer resources and training support.
  • Project funding through Field Grants.
  • Collaboration with National Park Service on all aspects of trail policy, planning and management.
  • Partnership building with land managers in seven states.
  • Trail protection through land/easement acquisition.
  • Trail protection through responding to proposals that may impact the trail.
  • Trail use guidance and safety awareness.
  • Volunteer recognition and awards programs.

View our annual Trail Progress Report detailing projects and highlights from the year, including new miles of Trail built.

GIS and Mapping 

  • Geographic Information Systems database management.
  • Mapping.

Development and Fund Raising

Support individual and corporate giving efforts; seek grants to support NCNST and NCTA activities.

Public Awareness and Marketing

  • Conduct communications and media outreach efforts to promote the use of the NCNST and grow membership in NCTA.
  • Management of a robust website and social media presence.
  • Production and distribution of print materials to support outreach.
  • Community engagement through the Trail Town program.
  • Organization of an Annual Celebration for the NCNST and NCTA.
  • Organize hikes and outreach events and other awareness programs along the entire trail.


  • Monitor state and federal policy and legislation affecting the trail.
  • Work to pass legislation supporting the NCNST’s agenda.

North Star Magazine

View past issues of our quarterly magazine for members, the North Star.