North Country Trail Association

Volunteer Resource Center

Chapter and Affiliate Leaders: It’s time to collect our accomplishments and stories to celebrate the work done on the Trail in 2020. This information contributes to both our annual Trail Progress Report and to the State of the Trail issue of the North Star magazine. Your input helps further illustrate the collective efforts on the NCT and allows you to share your accomplishments with the entire NCT community. Submit your report today.

The NCTA is dedicated to providing our volunteers with the most comprehensive and accurate information needed to build, maintain and promote the North Country Trail.


Our Chapter Leadership Handbook is the go-to document for anyone interested in a leadership position within the NCTA, but this page is packed with information for all volunteers, from Chapter President to Trail Adopter to Landowner.


Design and build sustainable trail, blaze and sign the NCT, and stay safe while managing groups of volunteers.
Secure long-term protection of the Trail across private land and effectively partner with our public land management agencies.


Recruit, manage and recognize Chapter volunteers.
Showcase the NCT and inspire stewardship.


Learn how to represent the North Country Trail Association with these policy guidelines.
Apply for grants and manage Chapter finances.


Establish, implement and communicate the program in your Trail Town.


Header photo by Kenny Wawsczyk