North Country Trail Association

Trail Operations

North Country Trail Association volunteers and staff work with land managers to plan, build, maintain and sign the trail, and with private landowners to secure agreements for trail access.



The NCTA works with the National Park Service to plan the route of the trail. Together, we collaborate on all aspects of trail policy, planning and management. We also work with federal, state and local agencies to ensure these plans for the North Country Trail are included in their land management plans and master plans.


Across eight states, the NCTA builds partnerships with land managers and national, regional and local organizations that can support our mission. While the NCTA and National Park Service staff focus their efforts on the national or state level, our volunteers build these relationships from the ground up.

Building and Maintaining

A strong network of volunteers, organized by Chapters, are responsible for building and maintaining the trail. They also build and maintain structures and associated amenities like bridges, shelters, campsites and signage. The NCTA provides support to volunteers through field grants, training, volunteer recognition and awards programs, and more.

GIS and Mapping

Mapping 4,800 miles of North Country Trail, the NCTA serves as the trail data steward on behalf of the National Park Service. The NCTA provides map and analysis to the National Park Service and other agency partners, NCTA staff, volunteers, media contacts and trail users.

Please visit the Volunteer Resource Center for additional education and guidance.

Trail Progress Report

This report is completed annually by the North Country Trail Association, a proud partner of the National Park Service in building, maintaining, protecting and promoting the North Country National Scenic Trail. Click the image below to view the PDF.


Land Management

The trail is a partnership between the National Park Service, land management agencies, and the volunteer organizations that build and maintain the trail. Click either image below to view the full infographic PDF.









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