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Any current North Country Trail closures or reroutes will be posted here. Check this list before each hike, or contact the Chapter or Affiliate who maintains the Trail in the area you plan to hike. If you encounter an issue on the Trail, please report it using this form.


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North Dakota

  • Sheyenne National Grassland: NCT users should expect to encounter grazing sheep and their guard dogs in between May 1st and October 1st.  The sheep rotate throughout different pastures along the NCT in between mile posts 10-31 (MM 389.5 and 410.5 on the NCTA maps). The sheep herders are instructed to keep the sheep away from the trail as much as possible but it’s not always the case.   Read the Do’s and Don’ts on the U.S. Forest Service sign (posted along the NCT) about how to safely interact with the guard dogs. If folks are planning a hike on the NCT and are concerned about specific areas, they can call the Sheyenne National Grassland office at (701) 683-4342 and ask what area the sheep are in at that specific time.



  • Itasca State Park: The Gartner Farm trailhead within Itasca State Park is currently closed because the Park is working on a culvert on the road leading to the Trailhead from Hwy 113.  Hikers should park at the Hwy 113 trailhead and take the spur trail across the old field planted in pine trees to reach the Gartner Farm trailhead and the spur trail to the NCT.  It’s 0.9 miles from the Hwy 113 trailhead to the NCT.
  • Kekekabic Trail: The Mine Lake relocation was completed last year so the Kek is now on the ridge above Mine Lake instead of in the lake. Unfortunately, the Kek is now underwater further west near the Bingshick-Glee Lake portage.  The water may be up to thigh deep but the trail is passable. 

For trail alerts along the Superior Hiking Trail, visit the Superior Hiking Trail Association’s Trail Conditions web page. For Trail alerts along the Border Route Trail, visit the Border Route Trail Association’s Trail Conditions web page.



  • Copper Falls State Park: Dogs are not allowed on the Doughboys Nature Trail portion of the NCT within Copper Falls State Park. The alternative route is currently closed because of a washed out bridge.  This bridge is slated to be replaced this fall. Hikers visiting the Park with a dog should call ahead to find out the latest info on where you can hike with a dog.  The park can be reached at (715) 274-5123.
  • MacQuarrie Wetlands Segment to Pattison State Park:The Nemadji River Bridge on County Highway W is closed due to washout.  Detour north on W, east on County Highway C, and south on Dedham Road to regain the road walk toward Pattison State Park.
  • Douglas County Wildlife Area: Spring Creek Bridge, located between the Douglas County Wildlife Area (Bird Sanctuary) and the St. Croix River: The ramps leading to the bridge are displaced, but it appears that the bridge can be carefully crossed. At this time, it is not known when repairs will be made. Not far south of the bridge, there is also a short section of puncheon that is displaced, but this area can be easily crossed.
  • Chequamegon National Forest: As of January 10, 2017, eastern sections of the NCT have been opened by the USFS but with a major caveat. Some of the larger bridges have erosion issues on the approaches. The Trail is open but use caution if hiking these sections of NCT. 



  • Barry/Kent County Line: Please follow the seasonal road walk (from north to south), Solomon Rd to Garbow Rd to connect to the road walk on Johnson Rd. Due to private property restrictions the route of the NCT will need to follow this road walk until another option is found.
  • Trail east of Black River Harbor to County Road 519 may be difficult to traverse due to numerous washed out culverts creating deep trenches. Please use extreme caution if choosing to hike this area. The route has been evaluated by Forest Service staff and the local Chapter has cleared temporary paths to traverse these trenches.
  • Ontonagon County: Due to flooding caused by a beaver dam, Spring Creek, located east of the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River, is getting wider and deeper. Follow the pink flagging to the south for a better crossing of the creek, but still proceed with caution.
  • Craig Lake State Park: The bridges across the two creeks east of Campsites 15 and 16 within Craig Lake State Park are closed. Please use extreme caution when crossing the creeks.
  • Delton:  Parker Road, between Crooked Lake and the body of water in Lux Arbor is occasionally closed to traffic because of water over the road.
  • MSU’s Kellogg Experimental Forest in Kalamazoo County: The NCT is open within the Kellogg Experimental Forest between EF Avenue and M-89. However, the Forest is not open to the public on the east side of 42nd Street. Please stay on the NCT while passing through the Forest. Parking lots and buildings are closed to the general public, as well. The closest parking is at the NPS property north of Augusta Drive. There is also a temporary reroute with the Forest as the Trail does not cross Augusta Creek. The reroute is blazed and simply follows a gravel road north/south on the east side of the creek. Masks are required while on MSU property.



  • Maumee State Forest: The approximately one mile of Trail in Maumee State Forest has been reopened. The Trail will be mowed and fully blazed in Spring 2020.
  • Beaver Creek State Park Campground: The Trail between the campground and the Pioneer Village is closed during construction, with an estimated completion date of April 2021.  The park’s suggested detour, from east to west, is to follow Echo Dell Rd.  north from the village , then turn left onto Leslie Rd., and reunite with the NCT at the Pine Ridge Trail opposite the campground entrance.
  • West of Beaver Creek State Park: As of September 2020 the NCT from Leslie Rd (opposite the campground) to Ohio Route 7 has been reopened following the closure caused by logging activity on the private property.  The pathway is cleared and open and blazing has been reestablished, but hikers should use caution as they proceed along this mile of NCT as the chapter is still engaged in spot-repairing and  widening out the treadway in areas that were damaged by logging equipment.


For trail alerts along the Buckeye Trail, visit the Buckeye Trail Association’s Trail Alerts web page.



No trail alerts at this time.

New York

No trail alerts at this time.

For trail alerts along the Finger Lakes Trail, visit the Finger Lakes Trail Conference’s Trail Conditions web page.


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