Trail Management and Protection

The most important responsibility of the North Country Trail Association is the management and protection of the trail itself. Our volunteers and staff work with land managers to build, maintain and sign the trail as well as working with private landowners to secure agreements for access.


NCTA works with the National Park Service to plan the route of the trail in our gaps. We also work with federal, state and local agencies to ensure the plans for the trail are included in land management plans and master plans.


NCTA builds relationships with land manager as well as national, regional and local organizations that can support our mission. While NCTA and National Park Service staff focus their efforts on the national or state level, our volunteers are building these relationships from the ground up.

Building and Maintaining

A network of volunteers are responsible for building and maintaining the trail as well as needed structures and associated amenities, like bridges, shelters and campsites and signage.


Securing long-term access to the trail is important. Our volunteers build relationships with local landowners while the NCTA and NPS work on targeted easement and land acquisition projects.

Check out our Trail Progress Report for more details on what we’ve accomplished in the past year.