North Country Trail Association

Trail Protection

Securing long-term access to the Trail is vital. The North Country National Scenic Trail crosses 160 different land management units across eight states, including national forests, wildlife refuges, state parks and recreation areas. We must work with many different partners to make the NCNST a reality.

NCTA volunteers build relationships with local landowners while staff and the National Park Service focus on targeted easement and land acquisition projects. Together, the NCTA and National Park Service collaborate on all aspects of trail policy, planning and management.

NCTA staff provide guidance to volunteers and landowners on various types of agreements, landowner options, and project funding (through the NCTA Trail Protection Fund), often referring to the Volunteer Guide to Trail Protection.

The NCTA Trail Protection Grant/Fund has been established to provide funding to permanently protect the corridor of the North Country National Scenic Trail. NCTA staff, Chapters, Affiliates and Partners are eligible to submit grant requests to fund acquisition of rights of way including Trail Access Easements (and related costs) or to work with partners toward the acquisition of conservation easements or land in fee. Read the guidelines and application in the Grant and Financial Management section of the Volunteer Resource Center.

Please visit the Volunteer Resource Center for additional education and guidance.

Trail Progress Report

This report is completed annually by the North Country Trail Association, a proud partner of the National Park Service in building, maintaining, protecting and promoting the North Country National Scenic Trail. Click the image below to view the full PDF.