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Ed Solstad: Volunteer Spotlight

  Ed and many of the other volunteers who work on the⁠ Border Route Trail live in the Twin Cities, a mere 250-mile⁠ one-way trip to their Trail. Also, some portions of the Trail⁠ can be reached only by means of canoe trips, so the several⁠ disasters that continually visit the area force too few […]

Partnership Spotlight: SEEDS

  “We believe that maintaining access to public lands through trail maintenance and development is critical to supporting individual and community health,” wrote Jennifer Flynn, EcoCorps Program Director with SEEDS Ecology & Education Centers. SEEDS work on the North Country Trail in Michigan has been paired with other public lands projects. For example, according to […]

Tom Moberg: Volunteer Spotlight

  Tom has long exercised firm and efficient leadership, especially visible when he was President of the NCTA⁠ Board of Directors for three years, and sat on that Board for⁠ nine. Now in his “retirement,” he is doing a ton of valuable service for the Dakota Prairie Chapter, where his efforts as⁠ Trail Development Coordinator […]