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2022 Leadership Awards

Leadership Award recipients are volunteers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership over a three-year period or more leading to significant local achievements or highly successful events. Eric Campbell has provided excellent leadership for the Kekekabic Trail Chapter (Minn.) for over three years, following its reorganization from the former Kekekabic Trail Club. He has brought new enthusiasm to […]

Laura Brandon: NCNST Long Distance Hiker

  Laura Brandon Detroit, Mich. Central patch + Michigan and 1,000-Mile rockers The morning of June 1, 2022, my love, Andy, drove me from Detroit to Waldron, to the Ohio border where I would start my trek north through the state of Michigan, following the route of the North Country National Scenic Trail. After five […]

Nancy Shepherd: NCNST Long Distance Hiker

  Nancy Shepherd Wooster, Ohio Central patch + Ohio and Mackinac Bridge rockers I have dreamed of hiking the North Country [National Scenic] Trail for many years, but obligations always seemed to get in the way. Then I found the Buckeye Trail (BT) circuit hike group. I joined up, and by hiking a bit each […]