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Cynthia Clemens: NCNST Long Distance Hiker

Cynthia Clemens Central patch + Ohio, Michigan, 1000 Miles, and Mackinac Bridge Like many other “hikers,” I began my journey as a “walker,” enjoying time with friends in our neighborhoods chatting and walking for therapy and exercise. If we go back even further, my dad was an avid walker, walking five miles most every day, […]

2023 Volunteer Awards: Trail Maintainer

  Dan Dueweke Since moving to Michigan and joining the NCTA Jordan Valley 45° Chapter around 2019, Dan has provided a tremendous amount of trail maintenance knowledge and experience. He organizes Chapter Trail Adopters and is an Adopter himself. He is an expert on using and maintaining quiet tools including axes and crosscut saws, as […]

2023 Volunteer Awards: Trail Builder

  Steve Kinne Over 13 years of Steve’s efforts for the NCTA Central New York Chapter have resulted in notable NCNST improvements. Most recently, he has spearheaded a reroute that will create seven miles of new trail through a state forest and state park, removing 15 miles of a busy roadwalk. But this is just […]