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Partnership with Purpose

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by Katie Houston, Sawyer Products


Stand aside celebrity-endorsed sandwich franchises; there’s a new power partnership in town.

At first glance, it might be hard to see what the North Country Trail and a family-owned business based in Safety Harbor, Florida have in common. But you don’t have to look far to see where Sawyer shares motivations and values with the NCTA.

Since 1984, Sawyer has empowered folks to enjoy the outdoors comfortably and confidently by providing effective protection from water-borne and vector-borne illnesses with their industry-leading water filters and insect repellents. In the same decade, the NCTA was founded and has advocated for the North Country National Scenic Trail and its community ever since.

Here at Sawyer, we’re proud to support the trail organization charged with preserving and making this incredible 4,800-mile footpath available for future generations. To some people, the NCNST is a local stroll through the woods; to others, it is a monumental undertaking. One thing the majority have in common is the fond memories they’re creating in the great outdoors.

However, people who create less-than-fond memories also have something in common: a lack of preparation or planning, resulting in an unenjoyable adventure. If you’ve ever hit the trail just to discover you didn’t bring enough snacks or forgot your sunscreen at home, you’re familiar with just how quickly the outdoors can become an uncomfortable place.

Thankfully, with proper planning and preparation, you can reasonably manage risks, make informed decisions, and keep yourself feeling confident and comfortable in the outdoors.

Permethrin, Sawyer’s gear and fabric treatment, lasts up to 6 weeks or 6 washes in a washing machine and has been shown to reduce the chances of being bitten by a tick 73.6 times by just treating socks and shoes. Picaridin, Sawyer’s topical insect repellent, is safe for the whole family, more effective than DEET, and provides all day protection – even for you, thru-hikers!

In addition to empowering individuals to enjoy the outdoors, Sawyer prioritizes supporting the outdoor community in unique and diverse ways – and we’re proud to continue this mission through our partnership with the NCTA. 

Thank you to the dedicated volunteers and staff for their incredible efforts to help others enjoy the outdoors, both in their own communities along the North Country Trail and for future generations. 

May all your water sources be flowing and trails be tick-free! 

– Team Sawyer 

Sawyer sponsored the NCTA’s 2024 Celebration event. For more information about sponsorship, visit northcountrytrail.org/sponsors.